…I WILL HAVE MY DUCKS IN A ROW. Jesus, this week has been insane. And I’m exhausted. But on the bright side, I have had a couple really good meetings! The Devote site is almost done and we are planning some really cool stuff together. I must thank Margaux Dietz for everything! Puss puss √§lskling! … More Tomorrow

Blogger Prep

Hey you guys, The Retired Models is coming back full force next week. In addition to the regular posts I used to do, I will be writing more narratives and expanding more on interviews. Also, I want to talk more about what it’s like to be an American in Stockholm. #expatlife This week I am … More Blogger Prep

Happy Saturday!

Yo! I’m typing this on my phone as I’m in my uber and my nails are still somewhat wet so there may be some typos! Anyway, I’m going to NYC on the 24th-28th to film some cool shit! I can’t give anymore details until the company tells me it’s ok! I’ve been receiving messages asking … More Happy Saturday!

Sick and Pissed

I’m sick! Bleeeeh! I hate hate hate this. I can’t stay awake for the life of me. Bleeeeeeh.  I’ve loaded up on the ” ‘Quils” so hopefully I feel better by tomorrow. I have so much stuff to catch up on it’s ridiculous. Goodnight, my babies. Xx, Megan


Hey guys. I wanted to clear some things up. A lot of you guys have been messaging me asking if I’m okay/what the hell is going on. First of all, thank you for giving a fuck about my wellbeing. Second, there is a lot that’s going on: Our beauty editor, Aliett, has unfortunately resigned. She’s … More Update