…I WILL HAVE MY DUCKS IN A ROW. Jesus, this week has been insane. And I’m exhausted. But on the bright side, I have had a couple really good meetings! The Devote site is almost done and we are planning some really cool stuff together. I must thank Margaux Dietz for everything! Puss puss älskling! … More Tomorrow

Weekend in Båstad

Hey guys! So, I am crying at the amount of people who have shared my post! I posted last night and already have 5k new views and 3,633 new visitors (and it’s only 5 o’clock!)! That is big considering it’s just from sharing my FB post once! THANK YOU GUYS FOR SHARING! That and the … More Weekend in Båstad

Just Married: Back to Reality and Addressing Some ~Rumors~

It’s been quite a week. First, it was coming back to Stockholm from Båstad. This may not seem like such a big deal but they are two completely different worlds. It’s like returning to Manhattan after spending a week or two in Long Island. (Like, the quiet part of Long Island.) Because we are ~newlyweds~, … More Just Married: Back to Reality and Addressing Some ~Rumors~