Weekend in Båstad

Hey guys! So, I am crying at the amount of people who have shared my post! I posted last night and already have 5k new views and 3,633 new visitors (and it’s only 5 o’clock!)! That is big considering it’s just from sharing my FB post once! THANK YOU GUYS FOR SHARING! That and the … More Weekend in Båstad

Big F*cking News

Too bad I can’t tell you until the 30th!! Lol sorry. So, I’ve been the worst blogger in the fucking world, huh? I am always promising and not delivering. For that, I am so sorry.  BUT, you will understand why on the 30th. I’m super busy this week between the thing happening on the 30th … More Big F*cking News

Blogger Prep

Hey you guys, The Retired Models is coming back full force next week. In addition to the regular posts I used to do, I will be writing more narratives and expanding more on interviews. Also, I want to talk more about what it’s like to be an American in Stockholm. #expatlife This week I am … More Blogger Prep


Hi, guys. I am in the middle of packing my things for STOCKHOLM. I still am so tingly about my upcoming move that every time I announce it, I SCREAM IT! “Hey dad…Yeah, I’m just going shopping to get some new boots…” *I anxiously wait for him to ask why I need new boots but … More BREATHING HEAVILY