Hi, guys. I am in the middle of packing my things for STOCKHOLM. I still am so tingly about my upcoming move that every time I announce it, I SCREAM IT! “Hey dad…Yeah, I’m just going shopping to get some new boots…” *I anxiously wait for him to ask why I need new boots but … More BREATHING HEAVILY

New Beginnings

Hello, I’m sorry I haven’t written in forever. I’ve been busy gunning for a job that I really REALLY wanted. This job is for a big corporation and I was scared that maybe they would judge me too quickly after reading the blog and wouldn’t hire me. I wanted to prove myself to them before … More New Beginnings

Writer’s Dementia

My thoughts are fleeting and fickle. I have so many drafts saved in my WordPress journal that I just can’t seem to finish. Whether it’s me getting bored or even feeling like I just don’t have to explain myself to you people, it’s always something. Some of my unfulfilled collection reads: “I envy my boyfriend … More Writer’s Dementia