The Five Men You Date While Modeling

Maybe I should include a little message before I write this article: EVERYTHING IS SITUATIONAL. Of course, I write from my heart and on account of my own personal experiences. But, my experience isn’t too uncommon.

Anyways, onwards to “The Five Men You Date While Modeling”.

A model’s dating life is WEIRD.

Truthfully, it is very hard to date a model because she is constantly traveling, working, or being showered with attention. Most guys, no matter how manly or ~confident~ they may be, have a very hard time with this. Which is perfectly understandable.

Before I get a lot of butt hurt males crying butt hurt male tears and saying, “This is bullshit. We aren’t all like that”, just remember that this is me and my friends experiences. So, here we go!

1. The High School or Hometown Sweetheart

This is usually the boyfriend you have when you first begin modeling. It’s SO adorable because he is SO supportive of his girlfriend. Typically, he is at the local pub/high school party, boasting about his beautiful babe traveling the world and how excited he is for you to come home.

A month or two passes and this all goes to absolute shit when your Skype calls become fewer and far between. Your sweet and innocent texts are replaced by passive-aggressive messages laced with insecurity and jealousy. I hate to sound cynical but it’s one of those situations where you both know it’s not going to last because it really won’t. You two are in completely different worlds.

Eventually, that final goodbye comes and you both secretly (or not so secretly) feel relieved. He will go on playing football/taking the SATs/playing beer pong and you will continue to grace magazine editorials/slay catwalks/travel around the world. Life goes on.

2. The Promoter

Ah, yes. Quite possibly the most toxic man in the world for you.

The Promoter is a 30-something man that gets paid to provide eye candy for grown ass men in nightclubs. I almost feel like I don’t even need to continue this explanation because that sentence right there is enough.

But, I will for the hell of it.

Over and over, I have seen girls fall in love with promoters and it’s always the same vicious cycle. I mean, I get it. You meet these guys and they pretend to care about you. They take you out and offer fun, drugs, free alcohol, and an entourage. It’s easy to mistake all of that for love when you’re young. So, trust, I get it.

But, come on. These guys get paid to party and are constantly surrounded by girls. That being said, I have never ever ever met a promoter who was faithful to his girlfriend. Now, I’m not saying ALL promoters are scumbags but a lot of them are.

Models, you’ve been warned.

3. The Older Man

When I say “older”, I am talking about the men who are around 10-20 years older than you. I just felt the need to insert that in there.

Personally, I have never viewed age as a big deal. I was always intrigued by older men and disgusted by boys my age. Maybe it was my daddy issues or some Lolita bullshit, but it is sexy to date someone who has their shit together.

The Older Man will show you a whole new world and you’ll learn so much from him. He will teach you your sexual ABCs, introduce you to good wine/food, and give you a peek at adulthood. Also, he usually has some kind of high-power job and a dope apartment in the city. In such an unstable industry, being around these men gives you a sense of security.

Eventually, your love will fizzle out because you feel you’re just too young to settle down or they feel that you are simply just too young to take seriously.

4. The Foreigner

“Can I make love with you?”- one of the first lines uttered to me by an Italian guy who I had a torrid love affair with.

This is a guy you meet while modeling abroad. He is handsome, charming, and speaks broken English. But, honestly, that rarely matters since you’re spending most of your time tuning him out and naming your future bilingual children.

The Foreigner introduces you to his culture and shows you the “real” city, (AKA just spots that he’s been going to forever and doesn’t really want to go anywhere else). Throughout your relationship, you will learn many things about yourself through another perspective. This is a great time and look at me, I married my foreigner!

5. The Cocky Male Model

Nope, nope, nope. THIS NEVER ENDS WELL.

Much like the promoter, the male model is rarely faithful. He is aware of how good looking he is and has a huuuuge ego. Also, he has perfected his “bedroom eyes” from many photo shoots.

The first male model I became enchanted by was in New York. He was Danish and the most beautiful boy I had ever laid eyes on. We met during a day party when I was 16 and he was 21. He shot me “the look” and my ovaries tingled. However, I was a virgin during this time and didn’t know how to really carry myself sexually. So, he ended up hooking up with my roommate.

Two years later, we would run into each other again in Tokyo when I was 18. He was seeing a girl that my friends were friends with but I didn’t know her at all. Therefore, when I got drunk, I marched over to him at COVE and wrapped my arms around him. When I shot him my “bedroom eyes”, he kissed me. Then, when I told him I wanted to be fucked by him, his eyes lit up.

While we stared at each other lustfully, a mutual friend kind of broke it up to remind me that he was dating the girl that was in that very club.

“Noooo, they’re not dating like that. I think they are just hooking up”, I slurred.

“Meg, trust me they’re together. Like that.”

I sighed and decided to go to the bar and hang with other people. Later, my friend would tell me he had the same talk with the Male Model who was going back and forth about how he wanted to sleep with me but didn’t want his girlfriend to find out.


5 thoughts on “The Five Men You Date While Modeling

  1. Bravo… All the models needs to read that… Ok I’m the N°3… 😉 But dating young girls who just discovered life and want party all the time (Ibiza Coachella Miami Cannes Festival…) is not easy to build serious relationship with them… But btw, i had a date few months ago with a beautiful young Russian girl, really classy, i invited her in famous restaurant in Paris, she arrived in Herve Leger red dress, and 20cm high heels, I order a really good wine, Caviar and smoked salmon, and she said… Hmmm sorry, I dont like wine, i prefer champagne, and im Vegan, so I can’t eat that, just a salad will be perfect, i said ok and as a joke, i said, Its a cheap date! She replied straight away: Dont worry I dont eat caviar and good wine but keep your money because i like expensive shopping champagne and cocaine! :)))
    Thats why today i prefer date retired models, all that shit is behind for them… kiss!


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