Just Married: Back to Reality and Addressing Some ~Rumors~

It’s been quite a week.

First, it was coming back to Stockholm from Båstad. This may not seem like such a big deal but they are two completely different worlds. It’s like returning to Manhattan after spending a week or two in Long Island. (Like, the quiet part of Long Island.)

Because we are ~newlyweds~, everyone wants to take us out and celebrate. Being married to P is like being married to a celebrity: his phone is constantly going off and we can’t go anywhere without someone stopping us on the street to say hello. Everyone wants to meet P’s shiny, new, American souvenir. AKA, the mysterious girl who not only stole the heart of one of Stockholm’s most eligible bachelors, but ALSO married him.

To be honest, I’m not quite sure what people think of me here. I seem to be a rare breed when I take into account all of the “Wow, you don’t seem American. I mean, you do but different” kind of phrases I hear on the daily. Thank you?

Nah, I think it’s just because I’m a bit more traveled than the average American. Europeans DO NOT realize the luxury they have of living so close to other countries. For Americans, our idea of a vacation is usually going somewhere within our country, whereas, Europeans can go to many different countries by simply taking the EuroStar for sixty bucks.

Truthfully, Americans do *sometimes* dig their own graves. We have a bad habit of traveling to other countries and not taking the time to observe/respect different cultures. For example, I find it hilarious when people complain that the French are so incredibly rude. Okay, maybe they’re not the *nicest* people BUT they have a certain manner and lifestyle that they are brought up with. They seem snobby because they are reserved and keep to themselves. In Paris, I get along just fine because I do my best to blend in and not draw any attention to myself. It’s not that hard. Maybe try leaving the fanny-pack and flip-flops at home next time?

I also do wear all black and chain-smoke soo…

Anyways, where the fuck was I even going with this post?

Oh, right. I wanted to quickly address some of the rumors/questions you guys have had for me. So, here we go:

1. I am not pregnant.

2. No, we are not trying to get pregnant nor do I want a child right now. I would like to be married for at least five years before I have a bun in the oven. I will never understand couples who get married then try to get pregnant immediately. Why not enjoy each other for a bit?

3. We plan on living in Stockholm and raising our children in Sweden.

4. No, I am not planning on being a stay-at-home wife. I am way too hyper to do that.

5. Yes, I get along really well with his parents. They are very openminded and lovely people. I adore P’s father but I have felt a special connection with his mother. At first, I was very intimidated by her because she has such a commanding presence and I didn’t have the best track record with moms (Italian mothers are impossible). But, within minutes of meeting her, I felt so relaxed and comfortable. They are truly some of the most amazing people I have ever met.

I hope I answered your questions.

Lastly, I know I promised to make my blog better and get back into the spring of things but I’m going to need a bit more time. It’s a lot easier said than done! I have just gone through a lot of pretty major life changes so, yeah, I’m focused on other things at the moment. For now, I’m not going to worry about keeping it a “fashion industry” blog because let’s be real: it hasn’t been a “fashion industry” blog for awhile now. I’m just going to keep writing about my life and hope you guys keep coming back.

Love you guys.



5 thoughts on “Just Married: Back to Reality and Addressing Some ~Rumors~

  1. Ok honesty I drifted away from your blog when two people were doing it and it became about fashion etc. I LOVEEEEEEEE your blog now when you post about your life…So addicting. Please keep doing that!


  2. Ok one more comment sorry lol. I am so interested in how you have such an interesting outlook on life. You are like a fearless bird that soars through life and just smiles. I seriously admire you so much. From the few posts about your family, I KNOW you have overcome a lot… Your tone in your blog says it all. I have one request which you probably won’t take me on but I would love it. Could you write about your childhood and family? Specifics about it? From your young days what you overcame to I guess now? I read your letter to your brother in tears… I’m so interested in your personal life and family. I understand that is private, but my motive is not to make you feel uncomfortable with sharing about your family. My motive is to see in Megan’s eyes what she dealt with. You carry yourself so well. I seriously admire you so much doll. 🙂


  3. Don’t worry about not knowing what Swedes REALLY think of you because most of us will never tell anyway 😉 Swedes are very reserved yet very open-minded. We usually take a great interest in strangers/outsiders (call it what you will) partly because we like to view ourselves as urbane and cultivated but also because we all secretly feel a bit inferior to anyone and anything that does not derive from the tiny, cold little country up north whom most people confuse with Switzerland. Meeting someone from the STATES (which is O-M-G because we looove the states) gives us a tremendous inferiority complex but also sparks our interest and as long as you are friendly (Swedes love Americans because you are ridiculously polite and easy-going) we will like you yet secretly wish we were you, which is why we might be giving off contradictory signals. Basically.
    I swear to god though they love you, because you are just the type of free, unapologetic spirit that Swedes love and admire. Swedes are just a tricky little bunch to get a grip off so don’t get to hung up on our signals cause most of the time we ain’t even aware we’re sending them.
    …Sorry for rambling a bit, I’m drunk… =)


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