Svenska is not so Lätt

Swedish is not an easy language.

Currently, I am taking a short break from my at-home Swedish courses. It’s a bit frustrating because they speak so quickly and with different dialects. If I’m being honest, it’s not as hard as Japanese but damn, they have so many vowels.









Oh, and the damn letter combinations:

sj, skj, stj, sch, and ch sound like sh but with a harsh h

kj, tj both sound like sh but without such a harsh h

rg sounds like ry

rs sounds like sh

What the actual fuck?

The Swede says I’m doing well but overtime I attempt to speak svenska, people look at me like a fat kid trying to ride a bike. Either no one takes me seriously or they just want to practice their engleska with me.

Anyways, after I’m done with my studies, I’m going to spend some time writing a bit more. I want to finish my narrative about The Swede and do some other stories.

I swear to God, it’s like there are not enough hours in the day here. I’m still not adjusted to the time and I am having problems falling asleep. Maybe there is too much on my mind, who knows?

Alright, I have to get back to my Swedish lessons.

Ta ta!



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