Happy Birthday to Me

Twenty-one years ago today, I popped out of my mom’s VAJEEN and became the next Messiah  came to life. Fucking twenty-one years ago. That seems like a million years to me but it’s really nothing. I’m still a young’n.

See, turning 21 in the States is a huge deal. A milestone if you will. You can finally drink and purchase alcohol! YAY! Now, I can finally (legally) do the things I’ve been doing since I was 14. ANYWAYS, it’s not even noon yet and this is already the best birthday ever. Thanks to my amazing boyfriend.

“Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday to youuu…”

I peeped one eye open to see him carrying a tray of breakfast with candles and flowers. A smile formed on my face as I snapped out of my sleepy haze. It’s finally my birthday!!

He set the tray down and I grabbed him for a kiss. It was the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for me. As we ate our breakfast, I kept interrupting him for more kisses. UGH, I fucking love him.


“Now, it’s time to open your birthday gift”

And I was like,




My heart literally stopped. Oh. My. God.

I unwrapped my gift with my mouth agape and gasp when I open it. Staring back at me is a beautiful, black clutch that is the essence of me. Next to it is an adorable Prada bear keychain that looks perfect on the bag. UGH.

Long story short, I flipped the fuck out and jumped on him. And yes, he made sweet love to me before we fell back asleep in each other’s arms. Ugh, perfection. 

I’m still not fully awake so I’m sorry if this post is not the easiest to read. I don’t have the energy to proofread it or anything else. I just had to write about it.

The blog has been down because I’m still tweaking it a bit. Any time I run into a coding problem, I simply put it on private until it’s fixed. This is kind of hard to manage when you just moved to a new country and have other things to do during the day.

Anyways, I love you guys so much and I want to thank you for being so awesome. It means so much to me that you guys are enjoying the stories and giving me feedback. Y’all the BEST.

Alright, I need to pop an adderall and get in the shower.

Bye, babies.




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