Another Love Story Pt.2: Sexual Healing?

Hey guys,

So, by now, I’m sure you have figured out that when I say, “I’m posting tomorrow”, it usually means that I’m a dick and I won’t post until the next day. This is why I can’t run my own business: I get too fucking distracted by other things and have an overconfidence that I will be able to get things done when I clearly can’t.

Where were we? Ah, yes. THE DATE.

After I finally agreed, I took an Uber to his place. On the way, I could feel myself getting nervous but I didn’t know why. If I’m being honest, I originally took him up on the dinner offer because I really wanted sushi. So, why was I so nervous?

When I arrived, he came out and grabbed my face for a kiss. I let him peck me then I pulled away. I had toro and eel on my mind.

I walked in and saw that he had made a very romantic setup for me. My chest ballooned with happiness but I kept my cool. No fucking way was this hombre going to see me blush. He didn’t deserve the satisfaction.

“Red or white?”

His words snapped me out of my own head.

“Uhh, red. I hate white”, I said, shocking myself.

His gave me an amused look as he uncorked the wine. I winked back which is weird because I LITERALLY can’t blink. I look like Helen-fucking-Keller when I try to wink.

Feeling awkward, I grabbed my glass and took a seat at the table he had made so beautifully. I sipped and watched him prepare our plates. All of the sudden, I found myself becoming increasingly attracted to him. Maybe it was his spicy cologne that lingered in the air or the way his shirt was half tucked. Ugh, and that jawline. Fuck me sideways.

Finally, he walked over with two plates of sushi. I stared at the raw fish and probably began salivating. Side note to the boys: If you ever want to make a girl wet, give her vintage red wine and some damn good sushi and I promise you, it’s going down.

He began talking and I listened. The more he spoke, the more I liked him. He was funny, smart, and so sexy. Jesus Christ. I sat there mesmerized by this person. Then, I got that familiar tingly feeling in my stomach:

I have to have sex with him tonight.

UGH! I tried talking myself out of it. I really did. While he spoke, I tuned him out and told myself over and over, “He won’t call you tomorrow. He won’t respect you. You like him? Then, don’t fucking sleep with him, Megan”. Each time, the devil on my right shoulder said, “Fuck it, do it. You know you want to”. Was it the devil or the wine? Or maybe my strong desire to feel loved? Who knows.

In the middle of his sentence, I decided to blurt out, ” Hey, can we go in the hot tub?”

Caught off guard, his eyes widened. It was as if he was silently asking, “are you sure?”. Then, it hit me. I think his presumptuousness turned me off which I know sounds like an oxymoron considering I’m talking about how much I wanted to fuck him in that moment.

Now, I was determined to make him work for it. Provoke a little, then take it all back. Ha.

A couple minutes later, he emerged with a pair of bathing shorts. He watched me hungrily as if I was going to get naked right in front of him. I shook my head and stripped to my underwear. It’s just like wearing a bikini, right?

As you can see, Drunk Megan loves to provoke.

I sauntered out to the jacuzzi so he would for sure notice my ass. I could feel him watching me as I lowered my body into the jacuzzi. Jajaja. I was twerkin’ it.

Obviously, within about 2 minutes, we were kissing. But it wasn’t just a kiss to me. The way he held my body so close to his and ran his hand through my hair and down my back was so passionate. I know it probably feels weird reading this but FUCK I can’t stress the sexual tension enough. If we didn’t have each other right then and there, we both would’ve just imploded.

Thus, his swimming trunks came off and he went for my bra clasp. I sucked in my breath and thought one last time, should I really do this?

Fuck it.

I wanted him and he wanted me.

And we had each other.

First, in the hot tub. Then, he carried me to bed and we made love for hours before falling asleep with our limbs entangled. It was bliss. Unlike anything I have ever had before…

“SO WHAT HAPPENED NEXT???”, you may ask.

Tune in tomorrow, babies.

Jajaja. I love leaving you guys on the edge.



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