Sunday Thoughts: Wine, Cigarettes, & Con Artists

Good evening, my bebes.

I am writing to you as I sit in bed naked with my ~lover~ laying next to me. It’s been yet another wild weekend. Stockholm, you’re killing me/my liver.

Hmmm, we will start with Friday. It began with an innocent glass of wine with two of The Swede’s friends. We chatted about our plans and puffed away on cigarettes. Ugh, side note: I am smoking way too much here. It’s so hard when you can smoke inside the apartment and it’s cold outside!! UGH.

Anyways, back to Friday. A couple hours pass and his two friends take off to go do their own thang. While The Swede and I are trying to figure out what to do for dinner, another friend of his calls and says he’s coming over with people. I have quickly realized that The Swede’s apartment is kind of “the spot” so I’m used to people always being here. As someone who cherishes her alone time, I’m surprised by how little this bothers me. It’s actually quite nice to have his friends pass through and spend time with us.


SO, The Swede’s DJ friend, Jeremy, comes over with seven guys and they invade our living room and kitchen. Three of them come into the kitchen where I am and the rest go into the living room. My favorite place in the apartment is that little kitchen because it has a huge window that I can smoke next to and it’s just so cozy. Also, it’s where we keep the alcohol.

After pouring 3 glasses, the boys and I get to chatting. Swedish people are usually super shy and reserved so my little American ass just started going on about different subjects. At first, I was scared that Swedish people wouldn’t like me because I’m super outgoing and I talk quite a bit. However, one of The Swede’s friends told me that “Americans are very refreshing” and they like how talkative and open we are. So, we began to talk about a multitude of things: politics, traveling, the film industry (one of the guys is a filmmaker), relationships, etc. They all have girlfriends and it was so nice to hear how highly they speak of them. My heart melted when they scrambled to get their phones out and show off their babes.

As the night went on, some of them had left and some had stayed so we ended up going to a bar close by. When I went outside to have another cigarette (I know, I know), some boys approached me and asked me for a lighter. We started talking and they informed me they were 18 years old. I was quite shocked because they dressed so nicely and had the confidence of twenty-somethings. I noticed one of the boys, Edvin, had model looks and asked if he was with an agency. When he said no, my jaw dropped. I mean, this kid is fucking gorgeous. I took his photo and gave him my old mother agency’s information. I am smiling right now just thinking about his innocent smile and excitement.



OH OKAY, so let’s talk about motherfucking Saturday. We spent the day walking around the center of Stockholm and stopped at my friend’s bar, The Cocktail Bar. Located next to The Diplomat Hotel, TCB is a new spot that was opened a couple months ago by my friend Chemme’s brother, Dani. I met Chemme through the NYC girl cult group and she introduced me to Dani a week ago. They’re both super friendly and welcomed me to Stockholm with open arms. I already feel like apart of the Catto family.



As anticipated, The Swede and Dani became fast friends and after an hour or so of talking and we made plans to come back later at about 10:30. Upon arriving home, I had a glass of wine and decided to just *lay* on the bed to rest my body. Rookie move. I didn’t wake up until 12 AM, of course. I panic-texted Dani and he told us it was no problem and to still come as they were just winding down the evening. I threw on clothes and we headed out into the night. M, one of The Swede’s friends, had come over while I was sleeping so here’s a video of him after he received a sparkler.


We arrived and knocked on the locked glass doors. There wasn’t anyone else in there besides Dani and his friends who got up quickly to greet us. Within minutes, we were all sitting around three tables pushed together, sipping rose, and talking. It felt super natural and comfortable. Like we had all been friends for years.


The Swede told me he was running to the apartment to get something and I had decided to just wait for him there since we were all about to go out anyways. Our apartment is about a 5 minute walk so I became worried when he didn’t return after 20 minutes. I texted and texted and 10 minutes later he arrived in distress. He had just been robbed by two of Stockholm’s most infamous con artists! What the actual fuck, right?

Like every European city, Stockholm has it’s fair share of pickpockets and thieves. But, apparently, there are two guys that are super wanted right now. One is from South America and the other is from Switzerland. Oh, and they’re both fucking magicians who specialize in stealing watches. As The Swede walked home, these assholes stopped him and asked about his watch. Being polite, The Swede spoke back to them and nothing seemed out of the ordinary when they parted. He soon realized that they took his fucking watch.

Obviously, he called the police but it didn’t really make any difference. I mean, the police are just as anxious to catch them as well. Ugh, it sucks. Somehow, my Swede is taking it very well. If someone had stolen my $35k watch, I would go Liam Neeson on their asses.


Due to the craziness from the past twelve hours, we decided to take it easy and chill . We spent the day watching movies, having sex, and eating junk food which was kind of perfect and much needed. My calorie and orgasm limit have both been exceeded today. Jajaja.

Alright, tomorrow I have to get my life (and blog) together. I’m so excited to post a Monday Mood Music for the first time in months. Also, I have another article about sExUaL iNtErCoUrSe dropping tomorrow so that’ll be dope.

I’m exhausted.

Goodnight, my babies.

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