10 of My Favorite Things About Stockholm


So, yesterday marked my one week anniversary in Sweden. I’m still kind of in shock that I’m here. All of my boyfriend’s friends keep asking me if I like it so far and what my parents/friends think of me being here. I laugh at the second question.

It’s not really such a big deal that I just up-and-left to go to a foreign country. It’s actually quite familiar to my friends/family. If I had actually been in my high school yearbook as a senior, I feel like I would’ve been voted as, “Most Likely to Get on a Plane and Peace the Fuck Out”. Not that I hate my country or anything. I just crave adventure and go crazy if I stay in one place for too long.

Anyways, a lot of my American friends are more interested in what it’s like. It’s different than going to super glamorized places like Italy, France, or the UK. They have no idea what to expect.

So, my friends, here are the 10 best things about Stockholm:

1. The Architecture

If you’re someone who can walk around for hours on end just gaping at building, Stockholm is a great place for you. Like London, the architecture dates back to 1300! A time when people made buildings like art with all of the ornate details and intricacies. It’s mesmerizing.

Image courtesy of http://www.bezdroza.com 


2. Everyone Speaks English!

Need help with directions? Finding something in the grocery store? Or making friends? No problem! And, not only is everyone extremely friendly, but they speak PERFECT English! It’s mandatory that they learn when they are young and it makes up for a big part of their grades. I really wish that language was more stressed in the US.


3. Free Healthcare!

Can you imagine? A life without hospital bills? Not having to worry about insurance? Yeah, you don’t have to here.

Image courtesy of unilad.co

4. Free Education!

Colleges and universities are straight up free. Of course, you will still have to pay for food and rent but FREE? I can almost hear my University of Miami friends weeping from Florida.

Image courtesy of Stockholm University’s website.

5. It’s Inexpensive to Live

You can live well in Stockholm without spending a fortune. I used the comparison site for Stockholm v. West Palm Beach and was shocked. Monthly bills in WPB are 101% HIGHER than Stockholm. Rent is 30% LOWER in Stockholm than West Palm Beach. I went out the other night and bought two drinks for me and a girlfriend for $10! At a nice place too!


6. It’s Walkable

If driving is as nightmarish to you as it is to me, then come here. Sweden will make it all better because everything is 10 minutes from each other. Also, the metro here is really easy.


7. So Fashionable

Literally, everyone has style here. I have yet to walk down the street and cringe at an outfit. What a lovely break from people in t-shirts and flip flops. Ugh, and everyone is pretty here.

Image courtesy of carolinesmode.com

8. The Nightlife

Aside from the cheap drinks, going out here is so fun. The legal age here is 18 (sometimes 20 depending on the place you go) which, in my opinion, should be in the US. ~Side rant: If you can go to war and fight for your country, you should be allowed to have a beer at the age of 18. End rant~. Stockholm’s clubs play mostly house and some rap which is perfect for me. It’s just a grand ol’ time.


9. It’s Not Difficult to Get a Visa

First of all, a Swedish tourist visa is not required for citizens of United States of America for a stay up to 90 days. But, it’s not hard to obtain a residence permit as long as  you are planning on working, going to school, or you are in a registered relationship. (A.K.A, you live together as if you are married)

Image courtesy of google.com

10. And the best of all…


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