A Very Sweet Swedish Welcome


That’s how Swedish people pronounce “hey”.

I am writing to you from the comfort of my boyfriend’s beautiful, centrally-located apartment. In mother-fucking-Stockholm! Can you guys believe I actually came?

My European trek began on Wednesday (which seems like a billion years ago). I traveled to JFK from PBI then onwards to Copenhagen THEN we drove to Båstad, Sweden. I didn’t sleep a wink on the way to Euro so I was a little bit out of it on the drive to Båstad. Philip’s father tried to chat with me but I was so incoherent and suffering from my clonopin haze.


We stayed the night at his parent’s breathtaking summer home. After a warm homemade meal and a couple bottles of wine, I crashed in bed and slept like a baby for about 13 hours. The Swede’s pup, Skörpan, woke me up by sniffing and licking my face. It was time to pack up once again and board our train to Stockholm.  Thank GOD, they served wine or I would’ve been fucking pissed.


As soon as we arrived, it was mayhem. The Swede shuffled me to his apartment to drop off my things so we could go over to his friend’s place a block or three away. I don’t exactly have his permission to write on here and I would like to keep people generally anonymous on here, we will call him “F”.

Immediately, upon entering his apartment, F enveloped me into a warm hug and introduced me to his girlfriend and her friends. I bonded especially with the brunette one that we will call “N”. She’s from Sweden but her parents are Polish. Perfect combination.


Later on in the evening, we were headed to a festival called “Love Affair” to see DJ’s Marcio Plex and Sven Vath, some of my Swedish boyfriend’s favorites. We pregamed at F’s house and dressed up for the “rave”. When it comes to “raves”, Im not the type that will wear a bunch of lime green or some feather head dress shit. I dressed in all-black and let the girls write a “P” and “N” on my hands. I was pounding vodka drinks so I really didn’t care at that point.



Around 9:30 or so, we hopped in an Uber and headed to the festival which was being held in a huge dome-like arena. As soon as we gained entrance, flashing lights entranced us and pumping music filled our veins. It felt like an acid trip without the acid. Amazing.

In the VIP area, we received frozen alcoholic popsicles. Obviously, I went a little HAM because it was my first night and why the fuck not, right? Yeah, well it’s a bit more strict here. The drinking age may be lower but the cops are very vigilant. N told me to be careful because there was a cop right behind me when I was dancing. In the US, I would have straightened the fuck up because I’m underage there but I was confused as to why I would get in trouble in Sweden where I am old enough to buy alcohol.

“Why? I’m not doing any drugs or anything.”

N shook her head.

“It’s not like the states here. Cops will freak out if they think you’re too fucked up.”

I thought that was odd considering that the festival was sponsored by Heineken.

Whatever, it’s not like I was out of control. I stared right back at the cops as they watched me dance. What could they really arrest me for? Having a couple drinks and bobbing my head to music?

Finally, The Swede announced that Sven Vath was taking the stage. Honestly, my boyfriend is really fucking adorable when he gets excited because his whole face just lights up.


Since VIP is upstairs and kind of far from the stage, I grabbed his and N’s hands so we could get closer to the stage. I was kind of in awe to be honest. Sven is 51-year-old, German DJ and he has SO MUCH ENERGY and passion. He was smug but not really in that asshole-ish way most DJ’s are. He just fucking loves what he does. It was amazing and the best first night I could’ve ever asked for.

At around 3 or 4 AM, we retired to bed. I fell asleep much faster because my body isn’t used to the time zone and I was just dancing in 4 inch heels. Skorpan snuggled up at my feet and Philip took a photo of it before climbing in next to me. Yesssss.


AHHHH, thank you, Stockholm! I love you already!!



Okay, it’s time to get off the computer and actually do something. Stay tuned for another post tomorrow, my babies 🙂

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