4 thoughts on “(VIDEO) Questions: Keeping My Eyebrows on Fleek, My Boyfriend, and My Worst Habit

  1. Still in love with a boy even though I can barely admit it. We met in early February out in a club through our mutual friends. I could feel it was something about him the first time we met. We spoke for a while and he said “it feels like you really like me for who I’m” a few minutes later he kissed me and that kiss felt different from any other boy I had kissed. We exchanged numbers and he said that he really wanted to se me again. He texted me the day after saying that he really wanted to meet me again and asked if he could take me out for dinner that week. Somehow it ended up with him cooking for me instead. Walking around that little grocery store with him felt so right. Just looking at him didn’t even make me nervous which is unusual. It was something about him. I wouldn’t admit it to myself or even my best friend that I was falling for him. So we started dating for almost two months where we accidentally meet at a club when were with our friends, he comes over says hi and gets me a drink.
    Twenty minutes later he basically chats up a girl in front of me. My best friend and I leaves the club, it feels like someone hits me in the stomach. I go home, lay down in my bed and the tears are are burning. The day after he sends me several texts apologising. I give him a short reply.

    The coming weeks I’m hoped he would ask me if I wanted to see him, but he never did and that’s where I thought it ended.

    He messages me on facebook six months later. He ask me how I’m doing, and ask me if I’m still mad at him and says me that he really liked me.
    I don’t know what to think, we don’t even live in the same city anymore but I still like him. And how I f*cking hate myself for this. And yeah, I don’t know if I should tell him but I think I’ll just end up feeling stupid for it.


    1. Girl, I know the feeling. Trust me, I once saw a guy that I had that same feeling for at the club with another girl. He was holding her hand and dancing and I went home and cried. I ended up drunk texting him and I don’t think he ever respected me after that. I say move on and be the bad ass cool chick you are because there are so many other guys out there. I know it doesn’t feel like it but there are. And you’ll meet someone who is consistent and good to you. You deserve that.


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