Escuela is Calling My Name // Selling My Domain

I have always been that person who cursed school.

“Why would I go to school when I have already landed the jobs that I wanted without a degree?”

Well, that’s because all of the jobs I’ve acquired are bullshit jobs that don’t require a degree. DUH.

I’ve always thought that school just wasn’t worth the time or the money. But now, I have a strong desire to go back. I think it’s because I finally have some kind of a vision of what I want.

See, the problem with modeling is that it’s fickle. You’re in one day and out the next. You’re completely disposable. This gives you a fucked up mindset. If you don’t plan for the future, you’re fucked.

I woke up this morning with a great energy. Maybe, it’s because I’ve given up drinking and I’m cleansing. I sat in front of my computer and wanted to type or do SOMETHING. There are so many days that I want to be writing or doing something but I end up just watching Friends all day. There is nothing more depressing than not having a routine. I think that’s why the blog was thriving so much when I had two jobs. I had a designated time for doing legal stuff then I had a specific time to write. Working from home is NOT easy.

Today, I decided to enroll in school. Just generic courses to get my mind back on track. I’ve been thinking about the blog ever since I got back from New York. First of all, I kind of want to change the name. Something that’s more personal. Nah. I’ll think of something better.

You may think that I’m giving up on New York and my so-called glamourous life but I’m not. I’m just redirecting my focus to what’s more important. Which is school and getting a proper education. I still have deals on the table and I’m going to continue to work with them, but under a new name. Besides, they fell in love with my writing not with the site itself.

Wow, therapy works, guys!

The reason is that I want to talk about whatever pops into my mind without having to be so focused on fashion, style, the fashion industry, etc. Sometimes, the name of the blog just doesn’t fit my articles. It looks weird.


I know that I always announce that I’m going to change the blog and I never really do but this time I am. I’m going to write about EVERYTHING. From interviews with porn stars to the best hotels in Miami to a new app that I just downloaded. My thoughts are wild and cannot be restrained to just “” if that makes sense. Also, I am no longer working with my business partner so it doesn’t make sense to have “models” in the name.


This is me, Megan Kennedy, announcing that I am selling my domain name.

Don’t fret, I’m still going to have all of my old posts on my new website. It’s just going to be under a different name.

Serious inquiries only.




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