And Suddenly, I Felt Nothing

If I was a guy, I would begin my mornings by thanking God for not giving me a period.

My life is extra melodramatic when I’m menstruating. Every sad song becomes my new anthem and takes me back to a sad memory. Fucking not now, Adele.

For example, today, I decided to do a little shopping. I locked my eyes on a beautiful green velvet blazer and fell in love. Upon realizing that I can’t wear it in Florida because it’s blazing, I started to tear up. LITERALLY STARTED CRYING OVER A GOD DAMN BLAZER.

I regained my composure and left the store. Walking past the Jimmy Choo store usually makes me so happy but suddenly, I felt empty. No feelings of sadness or excitement. 

I’m just tired and sad and I want to play with baby puppies right now. 

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