Sunday Thoughts: Relating to Pablo Escobar More Than I Should

No, I don’t mean ruthlessly killing people over cocaine.



Just kidding.

Today, I decided to re-watch Narcos on Netflix because…Why not? It’s fucking good.

Anyway, as I listened intently to Steve Murphy a.k.a. Boyd Holbrook’s smooth voice narrate his quest to take down the Medellin Cartel, I began to almost sympathize with Mr. Escobar! I find myself watching him arrange for other men to be brutally murdered and think to myself, “Well, he had his reasons”. That’s also the power of an amazing actor. Kudos to you, Wagner Moura.

The two faces of Pablo Escobar. #Pablo #Narcos

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I never got into Breaking Bad or Dexter or any crime-related TV shows. But, I have to say that Narcos has me by the cajones (metaphorically, of course). First, I was attracted to the aesthetics. The rich, dreamy colors compared to ramshackle Bogota is the perfect cinematic juxtaposition. The opening credits are a very good example of this: the purple and red hues mixing in with the greenery of Colombia is perfection.

What I really want to draw attention to in this post is the script. The screenwriters dazzle us with thought-provoking, provocative lines that make us rewind and rewind. The characters deliver them in a way that sometimes makes it feel too real.

One scene that really resonated with me was in “La Gran Mentira” when Pablo and Valeria are speaking outside of the house. As they speak of his impending jail time, Valeria reminds Pablo that because he has admitted to drug-trafficking, she can no longer be associated with him for the sake of her journalism career. Pablo doesn’t flinch but begins to go on about finally setting her free so she can live an “honest” life. Immediately, she tell him to stop joking to which he replies:

“I just want you to know that you, Valeria, are a bandit just like me. So don’t come to me with bullshit.”

Pablo is calling her out on her insincerity. I nodded with a smile as I watched that part. It hit me because he’s completely right. That’s a big thing we can learn from one of the most infamous drug lords of all time: Don’t take shit from people.

And be ruthless when you need to be.


Megan The Bandit

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