True Life: I Don’t Think I’m Voting 

Before you get all “you anti American you should just leave the country”, hear me out.

The reason I’m not voting is because I don’t like ANY of our candidates. Once I begin to like someone, they do something that makes me hate them. I’ve had an open mind and listened to what everyone has had to say but I’m done.

I don’t like any of you. 

At this point, I would be likely to vote for Kanye because at least he protects what’s his. Just imagine if someone tried to bomb us. No fucking way would he put up with that. 

Here’s what I want in a president:

-Someone who will keep our country safe.

-Someone who will help the economy.

-Someone who believes that ALL LIVES MATTER. Not just white lives or black lives or Asian lives, FUCKING ALL LIVES MATTER.

That’s all I really care about.

Ooh, and my mom is going to kill me but I’m all for pro-choice. It’s a woman’s body and she can do whatever she wants with it. Sorry, not sorry.

See? Plain and simple, no?


4 thoughts on “True Life: I Don’t Think I’m Voting 

  1. Simple, yes. That’s why it reads like it was written by an inexperienced voter. About half the time presidential elections are only a contest to select the “lesser of two weasels”.

    1. Presidents don’t keep countries safe, make them safer, or make them more dangerous. When awful things happen, all they can do is make suggestions and react. They can’t set budgets or write laws. Congress has the most influence over preparation of all kinds. And there’s no pre-defense for crazy fanatics like the 9/11 bunch, just like there wasn’t for Pearl Harbor before that. If you want more safety, choose a safer area and situation in which to live, buy insurance, and be careful who you date.

    2. The point of the slogan “Black Lives Matter” isn’t the definition of what those words mean in the dictionary. Slogans have to be short. Saying “Black lives don’t currently appear to matter as much as non-black lives when you are talking about encounters with the police, vigilantes like George Zimmerman, or badass school cops because in too many cases they will jump to conclusions about your intent, and they might KILL or INJURE you even if you are innocent and/or unarmed” just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Substituting “All Lives Matter” misses the point. Not all lives are in equal danger.


    1. Mikey, I think you make a lot of sense. Perhaps you should run for pubic office, rather then post on this websight. Remember this is not a political sight, just one run by a woman who says she once was a model who now seems to think Kanye West should be president. That is the beauty of America. Everyone can have their own opinion no matter how smart or dumm it might be. So with that in mind, let me cast my presideantial vote for Taylor Swift. She is more diplomatic then Kanye was to her at the Grammy’s, and she could easily have been a model tho she has far more talent’s then model’s that just stand around looking drugged out for a living. She can sing! YAY!!!


      1. Joseph, I must thank you for the page views. I feel as if I must remind you that you’re an old man commenting on a young girls blog. I was a model signed with the top agencies in the world so I’m not sure if that means I’m a “so called model”. Talk to me when you have had billboards all around the world.


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