8 Halloween Costumes That Are Better Kept in The Bedroom

If you’ve read any of my posts, you guys know that I’m all about pushing the envelope. I will tell any person on the street about a recent sexcapade between my boyfriend and I.

When it comes to Halloween, I have no problem with people dressing up as “Slutty-Something” cause why the fuck not, right? It’s fun, you can feel sexy, and nobody gets hurt. However, I do think that there are ~some~ costumes that would be better worn during foreplay:

The School Girl

Better for “detention” than “recess”, amiright?

The French Maid


The 1920’s Flapper

Zelda Fitzgerald is rolling in her grave.

The Sexy Convict

No, like, you might actually get arrested though…

The Naughty Nurse

Just be careful because someone might think you’re a real nurse and hold you responsible if someone chokes on a Snickers Mini.

NSFW Native American

Offensive in so many ways. Come on, now.

Corrupt Police Officer

Again, be careful with dressing as a cop because you can get in legal trouble for impersonating a police officer.

Salacious Sailor

I LOL’ed for about 10 minutes because the name of this costume is “First Mate”. JAJAJAJA.

5 thoughts on “8 Halloween Costumes That Are Better Kept in The Bedroom

  1. Yeah….. Not sure if I could even think of a Halloween party where this would be appropriate attire.. Not saying I don’t like the “costumes” but they would be more suitable for a quirkly boudoir session than anything related to Halloween.


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