The One Thing for Which Models Should Always Be Grateful to Their Agents


If you were anything like me at the age of 15, you probably dressed the way your friends did. 

My personal style consisted of short shorts,  tee shirts, and Jack Roger sandals. Most girls from Florida still do dress like that. However, I refuse to.

I like to compare it to Marie Antoinette’s journey from Austria to France. Once she arrived, she was stripped of all things Austrian to become more likable to the French. That’s basically what happens when you become a model.

I have to hand it to my mother agency. I came in for my first interview wearing Hollister shorts. I could see the dismay in their eyes. They were truly the first people to teach me about fashion. They told me to check out and introduced me to “the basics”. 

At first, I thought the all-black ensembles made me look gothic. Then, I started to see how they slimmed my body and made me look more Parisan-chic. I felt cool and stylish.

People often idolize the “Models Off Duty” style but what they don’t know is that our agencies are usually always behind it. As we immerse ourselves into the fashion industry, we learn how to tweak our basics and create our own personal styles. Gone are the days of looking like we stepped off the set of Disney Channel.

Just look at how my style has evolved:





Before (who can forget this one)



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