New York: 8 Million People Yet So Many Familiar Faces

I fucking love this city.

Just as I was outside of Duane Reade having a cigarette, I hear someone call out my name.

I turn around and see my friend, Blake, who used to model in Tokyo with me. We got to talking and she informs me that she’s now retired and working to get her real estate license. She looks so happy and beautiful! It made me smile to see a familiar face.

(From left) Blake, Bailey, Me, Lauren, and I’m not sure who the other girl is.

The past two times I’ve been here, I’ve run into people everywhere. This past trip has been the craziest by far! On Saturday, I ran into an old acquaintance named Cedric at Sahm’s party. We were waiting in line for the bathroom when he said, “You’re Megan, right?”. I nodded and he reminded me his name. Suddenly, it all came back to me. We had met when I was 15 in NYC through mutual friends Stephan and Josh. He told me he’s checked out my blog and thinks it’s good which made me do a mental happy dance.


As I was on my way to smoke outside, a girl stopped me in the dimly lit bar and said, “Hey, I think we went to the Hamptons together once.”

When my eyes adjusted to the light, I realized it was Danielle! I hugged and kissed her and we spoke for a bit. We reminisced about that trip before we had to say our goodbyes. That’s another big difference between NYC and LA. In LA, it’s “out of sight, out of mind”. In NYC, you can run into people you haven’t seen or talked to for years and it’s like no time has passed.

Whoops! Gotta go!

I have to get ready to film!

I still can’t believe I’m saying that.

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