Evolving as a Human/Writer

I have always been obsessed with the idea of evolution. 

Going to catholic school, they taught us that such a thing didn’t really exist. You could tell which teachers were OG’s because they would let it slip that some of them believed in it. 

What’s cool is that we are evolving as humans every day. I feel myself changing as a writer and a human being. 

This blog has made a much bigger impact on my life then I ever thought it would. Six months ago, I was sitting in my studio apartment and working as a hostess. Now, I’m in NYC once a month and talking back and forth with big companies. Mind boggling. 

Emotionally and mentally, it’s brought me to places I never thought I would go. Writing so candidly about my life and opening up to strangers is a really weird experience. That was another problem I had regarding “le business divorce”. When I complained about her not opening up and omitting things, she mentioned that her parents read the blog so she couldn’t write certain things. It was an innocent comment made by her but it put me over the edge: 

“Yeah, so do mine. Do you think I wanted them to read about my days spent in drug dens or losing my virginity? No, but I do it to give girls a voice. Girls who are going through similar shit.”

I still enjoy writing about my past but I’m more focused on my future. I wrote all those stories months ago to give people a look at that world I was once involved in because of how prevalent it still is. Now, I’m showing you guys what happens next after all the insanity. Kind of like a light at the end of a tunnel. 

Okay, it’s sleepy time in Manhattan.

Goodnight babies.

2 thoughts on “Evolving as a Human/Writer

  1. When I was a young child in seminary school, I was told by a deacon that I could petition the Lord with prayer. I have always remembered that and have the deacon to thank that I can always ask HIM for salvation. This has carried me through some pretty rough time’s, and now I always think of that deacon when I need to find inner peace and inspiration through prayer to the Lord. Those reading this websight should remember that you always have a voice straight to HIM, and only HE can provide you with salvation, no matter what you have done as a mortal on this earth, HE will be there for supplication.


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