“Don’t Touch Me” – Girls 

I swear to God. Boys make me laugh. 

I went to a place called Il Bacio tonight and it was an absolute shit show.

I’m looking for my friends and my ass is groped at least 10 times. 50% of the time I am physically twirled around and hit on. Literally, hands on my shoulders and spun. Not okay.

For some reason a lot of guys think that this is OK to do. I’m not trying to be arrogant or say that I’m irresistible or some shit. I’m just saying that I have a vagina and that apparently means “fuck me now” to men.

Here’s what pisses me off the most: when I would get just as physical with them, I was called a “bitch”. By physical I mean I would push them the fuck off of me. I didn’t punch anyone or kick them in the balls (even though they deserved it); I merely turned around and pushed their upper body off of mine. 

“Fucking bitch”

Yes, because I don’t feel like being molested right now, I’m a bitch. 

What the fuck is wrong with people.

I wish we could change places for a week or two. I would love to catcall men and grab their parts. I would loooove to Twilight Zone the shit out of them and show them what it fucking feels like.


If this makes me a “crazy feminist bitch” then I am fine with it. 

You know what it makes you?

Fucking disgusting.



2 thoughts on ““Don’t Touch Me” – Girls 

  1. You need to go to places where men respect you for your mind, not your body. Not familiar with this place you mention, but chances are, women there are looking to get groped by douche bags who are gropers. I salute you for standing up for yourself, but wouldn’t it be nicer for you to go to a place where people are not looking for instant sexual gratification. Do you seriously think that men would refrain from putting their wanker in you if you offered it? In better places, the men would refrain. I implore you, while you still have some measure of attractiveness, to seek out new venues for yourself. Perhaps go with family to gatherings with respectable men and women, not these dank bars where your anatomy is what men are looking to penetrate.


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