4 Romance-Drama Films That Mindfu*k You

Ask Me Anything

Honestly, this movie had me cracking up. The main character is so relatable and everything she goes through is super realistic. Her name is Katie and she’s in that weird place in her life where she doesn’t know what to do after college. After deferring, her guidance counselor suggests she starts a blog (YAY!). Katie begins to anonymously write about her love and sex life: her tumultuous relationship with her high school boyfriend, her sexcapades with an engaged college professor, and secret love affair with the father of the child she babysits. Then, she becomes pregnant!

After telling all of her lovers, she gets a phone call and disappears…


Vanilla Sky

A movie that was way before its time, Vanilla Sky is a constant clusterfuck. Long story short, playboy Tom Cruise falls in love with Penelope Cruz, gets into a car accident, gets a facial reconstruction surgery, possibly murders his ex girl-friend, HOLY SHIT THE LIST GOES ON. What keeps confusing everything is that the situation keeps changing. It’s almost like he’s waking up from a bad dream only for it to become an even worse dream ONLY to become a good dream and repeat. The ending scene somewhat ties things together but you are still left with so many questions.

I can’t even begin to describe this movie.

Pretty Baby

This movie isn’t so much of a crazy “mindfuck” as the others. The ending is kind of shocking but it’s more like, “Okay what the hell is going to happen to her next?”. Violet is a pre-teen girl who lives in a whore house located in the red-light district of New Orleans circa 1917. One day, a photographer named Bellocq stops by to take photos of the girls, capturing the last legal months of prostitution. He becomes a fixture in the house and the girls become entranced by him and his odd manner, especially Violet.

When Violet’s mother, Hattie, leaves the house to get married, Violet is left to fend for herself. She becomes increasingly fascinated by Bellocq and he begins to fall in love with her. She soon runs away from the house and goes to live with Bellocq where they have a complicated relationship. After a violent argument, Violet returns to the brothel and learns that it is to be closed down soon.

Bellocq arrives the next day to marry her and they seem to be living a nice life together. UNTIL…

Hattie shows up to finally collect Violet and give her a proper life with her new husband. Bellocq protests but soon realizes that Violet’s life would be much better with school and a family. The final shot is of Violet getting ready to board a train with her family and stares off into the distance. The screen then fades to black…


It drives me nuts. Not only did they allude to the fact that she might be pregnant in the scene before Hattie arrives but what? How is she supposed to go to school? She’s like 12 or 13 and a former prostitute! WHAT. HAPPENS. NEXT?!


Ah, yes, the movie with the three loves of my life: Blake Lively, Taylor Kitsch, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. It’s more crime-thriller than romance but the love the two men have for Blake’s character makes it romantic.

Chon, who is played by Taylor, and Ben, who is played by Aaron, run a marijuana growing company in Laguna Beach. They have found a way to make their weed the best weed in, like, the world. The cartel takes notice of this and demands their business through the use of threatening videos and emails. As they make plans to escape to Indonesia, Blake’s character, Ophelia, is kidnapped!

Ben and Chon fight back and try to manipulate the situation with the cartel. It’s an action movie, okay? There’s a lot of guns and attacks. But in the end, when they are giving Ophelia back, all hell breaks loose and there is another gun scene in which Ben is shot. In a classic Romeo and Juliet style, the three lovers decide to all go out together and inject themselves with some kind of lethal mixture.

Oh, NOPE! Apparently, the whole thing was simply a nightmare that Ophelia dreamt. The way things actually happened worked out quite nicely and they’re all living together on an island somewhere.

It does make a liiiiittle bit of sense because in the beginning, Ophelia does start out by saying, “Just because I’m telling you this story doesn’t mean I’m alive at the end of it”

OOOOh, okay, Ophelia, you were just telling us a “story”. OH OKAY.

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