5 of the Greatest Things About Working in the Modeling Industry


When I started this site, I made it clear that I am not someone who is trying to bash the modeling industry. I think that it’s great AS LONG AS YOU CAN HANDLE IT. Which clearly I couldn’t. That’s why I opened up about all of my troubles. I wanted to be like, “Hey, this is what’s out there. If you can deal with it, then go for it.”

I never wanted to come off as complaining. I am not just some girl who “got too fat to model”. What fucked up my career the most was drugs. Not food. Although, I did battle bulimia, it was more of the “Colombian dessert” that fucked me. All of which was my choice in the end. I don’t blame my agents or managers for my bad choices at all. I think that is often misconstrued on this blog. I’m not a hater nor will I play the victim.

Anyway, I wanted to list some great things about modeling that may change some minds out there.

1. Traveling

Because of modeling, I was able to see the world at a very young age. I lived in some of the greatest cities of the world before 20! I learned so much in my travels and became very cultured. Unfortunately, I did miss out on finishing high school but let me tell you: when employers look at my resume, they don’t ask me about my education. They ask me about living in foreign countries at the age of 15.

2. Maturing

Nothing prepared me for the real world quite like modeling. As I have said before about me leaving home, “The moment I stepped off the plane, I turned 25”. I learned how to fend for myself in the real world. Since I was constantly surrounded by adults, I adapted and quickly became one. Do I feel as if I was robbed of my innocence? Not really. It was going to happen eventually anyways. I’m just glad that it happened to me sooner.

3. Networking

DUUUUUUDE! Modeling is straight up the best way to network. When you first start out (unless you are a “chosen one” and you get to skip all the test shoot bullshit aka Lindsay Wixson), you are on your “come-up” and are often working with people who are also on their “come-up”. Those people are more than happy to take down your info for the future, and if you keep up with them, it’s likely you will work with them again. Making my transition into acting/styling was much easier with my built up connections.

4. The Pay

This one is kind of a hit-or-miss, though. If you do well with commercial, like me, then you will make out quite nicely. Editorial doesn’t pay as well but it makes up for it with┬ánotoriety. It all really depends though! I know some high fashion girls that make a fuck ton of money.

5. The Satisfying Feeling that Your Hard Work Paid Off

When you do land that fantastic job you’ve been waiting for or you finally get to work with that photographer you’ve always admired, you look down at your blistered feet in the model apartment that you share with 7 other girls and realize that it was all worth it.

All of these things have made me the person I am today. I’m eternally grateful for the opportunities I was given. It’s a tough career but if you think you can do it, then you should go for it! Reach for the freaking stars! Everything happened to me for a reason. The drugs, the bulimia, the whatever was meant to happen. I don’t regret anything.



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