So, I Tried Out “Episode” pt. 1

If you’re like me, you like to play God  then you get really addicted to interactive games. The Sims, Kim Kardashian Game, even the old Mary Kate & Ashley video games (I know, that’s a good throwback) easily become obsessions.

I tried out a new one that’s called “Episode”. Basically, you are given a story line and character but you can control what they do. Obviously, I had to try it out.

I don’t know if Demi Lovato is sponsoring the game or not but the first “Episode” for me was about me trying to become her backup singer or some shit.

Before I was given any information, I was allowed to customize my character. I opted for Kylie Jenner lips and Scarlett Johansson hair. Unfortunately, I couldn’t change my outfit which consisted of khakis (that gave me a huge cameltoe) and an awful blue shirt.


Are you fucking kidding me
Are you fucking kidding me

The first scene is me talking to some cheerleader girl. I think she’s my sister or something, I have no idea. THEN, OH SHIT! I SEE A PERSON NAMED SAM! The funniest part of this was the little options they gave me before they showed me who “Sam” was. They basically are like, “Psst! You gay, straight, or you don’t care? Ight, we got you, fam”


Sam and I have some kind of past…

Apparently, Sam and I are reaaaaaalllly into Demi Lovato. He’s going to the concert that I was unable to get tickets to.

Do I want to talk???

Wait, why do we need to talk? Also, why is my character so eager to talk? Make him work for that shit. And, why can’t he be like, “no babe, let’s talk over dinner somewhere nice”?

Damn right you miss my cute ass.

YESSSS, I get to name my bestfriend. Kira obvs.

Okay, boo, I get it. I’ll come meet you and we will idolize Demi Lovato. Just chill.

At least my dress has improved.



~We are clearly talking about Sam. I just… I can’t. I fucking can’t with him.~


Apparently, Kira does my PR for me.


~We don’t get the tickets and Kira is PISSED~



I guess it’s time for me to slut myself up and flirt with the bouncer.




Did Demi just say my name?

~So, Demi just let me enter into a singing contest. Now, I’m watching the others practice and it’s getting weird~



TIME’S UP! It’s time for the next chapter which I got too bored to partake in. Tune in tomorrow to check out another “Episode”.




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