Life Lessons from Megan

1. 90% of people are disposable.

Another asshole dumping you, another girlfriend betraying you, another person fucking you over in some capacity. The list truly goes on. You will always find someone else who will most likely do the same thing to you. Most people in this world are fucked.

Silver lining: The other 10% of people you meet are incredibly special and will be there for you no matter what.

2. When it comes to business, you must be ruthless.

Trust no bitch in business. People will always try to claw their way to the top. If that means screwing someone else over, they will do it. You need to watch out for yourself. I have my dad to thank for teaching me this.

3.You can’t search for love.

You can’t try to find it. It will come to you when it’s meant to.

4. Say what you feel when you feel it/Don’t bottle things up.

People think I’m crazy for being so open on the internet, or generally in life. The thing is that if I feel something, I’m going to just say it and be blunt. Life has too much bullshit and oppression as it is. Why contribute to it?

5. If you take a cheater back, they will never respect you as a person.

This goes with all things: friends who betray you, boys/girls who cheat on you in a relationship, etc. If you take that person back, you will seem pathetic in their eyes. Without a doubt, they will cheat again.

6. Family isn’t everything.

Personally, I don’t feel very close to the members of my family. My sister is probably the only person I truly can connect to.

7. Everyone is addicted to at least one thing.

Addictions never truly go away. People often just transfer their addictions for something else. For me, I’ve transferred my addiction from cocaine to sex. Which I would rather have over a drug addiction any day.

8.Knock-off handbags will never feel the same as the real thing.

I can’t even look at a fake Prada without feeling guilt. Also, I’m paranoid that people will always be able to tell the difference.


M.K. at 2 AM

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