I’m straight up sitting at a bar and drinking a frozen rum runner in this 97 degree weather. 

I wanted to get something straight with my viewers: there are going to be changes. 

Don’t worry, they’re all good! It’s more of me just going back to the way I started this thang. There’s still going to be bits of fashion on here but I’m making it more personal. It’s going to be more of funny commentary on the fashion industry, my life, sex, and everything in between.

I’m going back to writing my narratives and giving you guys a better glimpse into my life. I’ve found that’s what you guys prefer anyways, you little snoops.

If you have anymore suggestions PLEASE comment below. I don’t give a fuck if you’re anonymous or not, I just want to know what you guys want. I will find a way to work it into the blog. Just tell meeeee.

Anyways, love you guys and thank you for being patient through the changes we’ve been experiencing in the past month. 



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