Alexander McQueen Makes Me Feel Some Type of Way

What is going on with this new trend of “bleh”?

I mean, Kanye, great show and everything but your collection just looks like a bunch of homeless people. I guess that’s also the beauty of fashion because it’s what you make it.¬†Personally, I look at the collection and I don’t feel anything. I’m uninspired and my heartstrings aren’t tugged at.

For me, fashion is a form of art. It’s supposed to make you feel something. Try watching the Alexander McQueen Kate Moss Hologram and tell me you don’t feel anything at all.

Alexander McQueen did more than just design. He created a fashion reawakening. ¬†He was like Midas. Everything he created was beautiful and a piece of magic. Here are some clips and GIFs to make you feel “some type of way”.

Plato’s Atlantis

The Girl Who Lived in a Tree

The Horn of Plenty


giphy (1) giphy (2)



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