The Sniffles and Snapchat Weirdness

You guys. I’m sick.

Luckily, since I’m back in Florida, I don’t have anything to do except type on the blog. So, I’ve spent my day sporadically sleeping and playing with the new SnapChat features.


I do have good news: I have officially decided to move to New York in January. Right when it’s nice and freezing cold. JAJAJA. But seriously, I am moving back to the Big Bad City because I belong there. It’s where my life is. The only thing it lacks is B.

UGH! Love can be so complicated sometimes. This is the first time that I’m truly in love with someone. If it was anyone else, I would just pick up and say, “SEE YA!”. I just can’t do that to B. I love him too much.


Alright, I’m going to continue to binge watch Friends. BYE.



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