The 5:2 Lifestyle from Casey Howard feat. Elle Reid

Queen Beyoncé and Christy Turlington would no doubt be humble enough to tell others that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder but no doubt they could confidently tell you it lies pretty damn well on them. These power females have put blood, sweat, and tears into making a phenomenal image for themselves. Beside the obvious fact these women are mega babes you might be wondering what they have in common? Well, they are just a few of many that have acclaimed the 5:2 intermittent fasting lifestyle as wildly successful.

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The 5:2 sounds intense at a first glance but is more than obtainable and desirable to try when you find out the many positive benefits it has to offer. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday you can indulge on up to 1500 calories and a day. While Tuesday and Thursday you stick to a strict 500 calorie plan. The idea is while restricting your body on those two days it allows you to roam wild on the weekends with whatever your heart desires without throwing away everything positive you worked so hard for during the week. Everyone deserves pleasurable drinks and meals guilt free without limitation after the long work week!

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Alas, Queen B and legend super model Christy Turlington were a bit too busy to grab coffee with me this week so I assure you I got the best next girl in the world to tell you about this, Elle Claire Reid! Miss Reid resides in New Castle, England as a dentist in a hospital where she works crazy hours and night shifts for up to 18 hours at a time for days on end in a row. For most, maintaining a healthy workout regimen and diet with these long shifts would be near impossible but Elle has dedicated her life to just that with the 5:2 and looks just as flawless as Beyoncé doing it!

Meet my beautiful knockout Elle Reid!
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“I do the 5:2 because it works well for my lifestyle. I would love to be one of those girls who could eat perfectly balanced macros all week long but I have a penchant for prosecco and a group of friends who would kick my arse if I turned down our weekly dinner party. I like going out and enjoying my social life so sticking to the desired 1500 calories for my weight management goals isn’t possible for me 7 days a week.”
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Elle is able to have her cake and eat it too, literally. Her and her girlfriends gather weekly for tea and pastries and she still manages to have a drop dead banging body! Enjoying her rightfully deserved treats on the weekend Elle gave me the run down of what’s on the menu for her. While there are a number of tasty meals you can have on the 5:2, Elle is practical about what she has time to whip up during her busy life and sticks to these simple alternatives on her fasting days:

5 large egg whites + Eat Clean Tea morning matcha = 85 calories

150g raw broccoli cooked + can of tuna with 1 teaspoon light mayo = 195 calories

150g raw broccoli cooked + 80g cooked chicken breast = 182 calories

Amounting up to 462 calories leaving a few extra for a leftover cup of coffee or pre-workout.

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“Depending on how late I eat I might trade dinner for a Herbalife shake of casein protein. With carefully planned meals you can still eat three satisfying meals a days most importantly all containing protein to help promote muscle repair and growth.”

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Sharing her lifestyle with her 16,000+ followers on Instagram, Elle is shining a light on this unique way of living. If you want to learn more about her and the reasons she chooses the 5:2 check this gorgeous girl out on Instagram, @paragonaesthetics! This up and coming fitness babe is surely someone you want to keep an eye on!

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Casey Lynn Howard

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