Megan’s Fashion Week Diary: Saturday


I went to Wonderland last night.

By that, I don’t mean I tripped from ‘shrooms or acid. I had actually switched to water  at 12 AM and STILL went on to dance my ass off until 3:30 AM.

Anyways, I think I should maybe start from the beginning so it doesn’t become some jumbled mess.

Yesterday morning I woke up with a sore throat and stuffy nose. I mean, it did make sense because we have been going and going and going. We had stayed up the previous night until 6 AM (not an easy task when you don’t use Colombian Dessert anymore). With only three hours of sleep, my body was like, “Bitch, y u doin this “

Waking up with Casey is the best and only way to wake up
Waking up with Casey is the best and only way to wake up

I had a pretty lazy day of watching “Lucky Bastards” which stars our business manager, Scott. The show is basically a guys version of The Real Housewives meets Entourage with the boys doing funny shit around Manhattan. Scott is easily the most entertaining to watch as he is constantly making fun of the rest of the cast or flirting with girls.

We actually had an “A-HA!” moment yesterday while watching Mr.Mitchell’s show. He’s known as the ladies man with a constant gaggle of girls following closely behind that the rest of the cast has named, “Scottourage”. Abie and I know him as a secret nerdy guy so we couldn’t stop laughing as we watched the hilarity of it. Suddenly, Abie exclaimed, “OH MY GOD WAIT! WE ARE LITERALLY MAKING FUN OF THIS BUT WE ARE ACTUALLY SITTING IN YOUR APARTMENT WATCHING TV WITH TWO OTHER MODELS! WE ARE THE SCOTTOURAGE”.

Art imitates life.

Later that day, Abie and I dragged our lazy asses off of the couch and headed down to the NYFW Style Bar at the Gansevoort Hotel in Meatpacking. The weather was absolute shit and it didn’t help that I felt like my throat was being scratched at by a tiny kitten. We entered through The Chester and were led to a small room. WHICH WAS PACKED.

top: theory  skirt: zara bag: celine shoes: h&m glasses: dolce and gabbana
top: theory
skirt: zara
bag: celine
shoes: h&m
glasses: dolce and gabbana
IMG_1324 IMG_1325

You could barely walk through the packed room let alone view the products. Abie and I felt overwhelmed and decided it was too packed to even enjoy or write about. It could’ve been a cool event but instead it was in a poorly chosen venue. We sat on the outside and checked our phones. I had been tagged in an Instagram comment and so I clicked on it only to be redirected to Joe Jonas’s Insta. I pressed play on the video and oh shit, that’s me sticking me sticking my tongue out and dancing. I can now always say, “Joe Jonas posted an Instagram of me” (even though that’s not necessarily true JAJAJA).

At around 9 PM, Avalon, Kira, Abie, Victor, and I made our way over to Scott’s event at Beautique. Aside from managing us, he runs an event company called Suforia. Aerin O’Connell teamed up with Scott and Gavin Navarro of Fame Group PR to host an event for her upcoming show Intrepid by A’OC. It was a killer scene in the lounge area that had Eastern Asia accents and an open bar. My friend, Gene, joined us for a cocktail before we decided to go on a new adventure. Along the way, Kira, Abie, and Victor set out on different journeys and went to different places but Gene, Avalon, and I were set on going the the Ugly People Party at the Diamond Horseshoe.

conversing with scott and gene
conversing with scott and gene

The Diamond Horseshoe is a gay disco club known for it’s wild and eccentric parties. We took a cab to 46th street and hopped out to smoke before going in. We walked to the front and were granted entrance by a woman in a vintage drop-waist dress. The winding staircase reminded me of the way Miss Havisham’s house is described in Great Expectations: abandoned luxury in a state of chaos. The walls were made to look like they were peeling, a fallen chandelier surrounded by mounds of broken champagne glasses, a leopard statue baring it’s teeth.

IMG_1353 IMG_1363 IMG_1360

It was a large crowd of dancing disco queens wreaking havoc. We danced and danced and I channeled my inner Elvira from Scarface. Dancers swinging from hula hoops, shirtless bartenders, boys kissing, girls kissing, boys and girls kissing. It was blissful to watch. To see people embracing each other and just enjoying themselves is a beautiful sight.

I met a sweet boy named Wayne and his sassy Acne-wearing friend. Within about five minutes, we realized we were soulmates. Wayne even spritzed his friend’s hair and helped coif it to perfection. I realized that I need a Wayne in my life. We followed each other on Instagram. I mean, how could we not?


Wayne, me, and Gene

We decided to call it a night at around 3:30 AM. I stared out at this incredible city on my cab ride home. The lights in Times Square reminded me of Shibuya in Tokyo. I smiles as I thought about this beautiful place and how incredible it is. New York is the place where you come to free yourself. As I scrolled through my email, my smile turned to a frown as I came across my airline confirmation email.

Oh, New York.

I love you.

I never want to leave you ever again.


Megan Kennedy

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