Guest Post: Teresita Trumps Shake Shack by Isabela Quintero

Hey guys!

Remember those clips I kept posting where I’m jumping around in a hotel and talking about myself? Okay, okay. I know that those are a majority of my videos BUT this was the one that was really cool with pretty lighting and background music.

Well, it was shot by a very cool girl named Isabela Quintero who spent the day with me in Miami. Within about 5 minutes of meeting her, I fell in love with her witty humor and charming smile. Our video shoot took about 6 hours and so we learned a lot about each other. She’s a brilliant screen writer who also runs her own site!

We are so happy to be featuring Miss Quintero as a Guest Poster for TRM! Thank you so much for your awesome piece!

photo by alex hillard
Teresita Fernandez: Fata Morgana
Mad. Sq. Art (Gramercy)
JUNE 1 – WINTER 2016
My Feelings About It: Yes it’s true, Madison Square Park has been invaded by a greasy villain otherwise known as Shake Shack and the excessive, unnecessary, blasphemous and Great Wall of China sized line of people that constantly surrounds it. Despite this sad truth, Teresita Fernandez has successfully evaded the Shake Shack plague and has constructed a truly moving piece of public art. Fata Morgana is a glowing reminder that art can still be visually breathtaking without the cerebral baggage that a lot of contemporary art carries. It’s beauty isn’t hidden in some tortured artist statement; it instead attacks you the second you lay your eyes on it. It’s incredible that a structure made up of only metal can seem so weightless and organic. While you walk under it, you feel like the structure had grown from the ground just like the trees around it. It has everything: beauty, grace, harmony and… its reflective surface just bumped up my selfie game to full Kardashian. 
Notable Moment: I suggest that you go on a nice sunny day when Manhattan’s blue skies peak through the cracks of the art piece. 
What Really Matters: There is a very nice, trendy and Instagram worthy coffee place named Birch Coffee that is only three blocks north of the park. (Don’t worry, there aren’t any wood chips in the coffee, although I wouldn’t be surprised) The coffee, iced or hot, will go great with Fata Morgana.
Check out more of her awesome writings on

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