Adding Color to Your Hair: Hair Chalk, Temporary Color Spray, and Semi-Permanent Dye

I’ve always wanted to dye my hair pink.

You know how when you’re at a sleepover when you’re little and you try to give each other makeovers? I always wanted to try out pink hair but was too scared that my mom would murder me when I got home.

Also, I couldn’t do it while I was modeling! My agents would’ve actually killed me. I remember their strict rules about letting anyone come near your eyebrows with tweezers and your hair with scissors. They fed me horror stories about girls being dropped from their agencies for cutting off two inches of hair. No way was I getting any kind of Halloween spray in my hair.

but, NOW, I’m 20 and not modeling so I can do whatever the hell I please. Which means I finally get to experiment with my hair. It’s become a new trend, too. With Nicole Richie dying her hair lavender and Kylie Jenner wearing blue extensions, I decided to finally give it a try.


Just like everything in my life, I decided to write about it in the blog. I would be trying out three different products that ranged from washing out within the exact day of application to somewhat permanent. I would be testing out Kevin Murphy Color Bug, Jerome Russell B Wild Temp’ry Color Spray, and Garnier Color Styler.

Kevin Murphy Color Bug

I sat in front of Avalon in a bra and workout shorts in Abie’s apartment. The ever-so-patient Avalon spent 30 minutes chalking the bottom of my hair. We listened to Pandora and snapchatted to make the time go faster. Avalon alerted me that it had ran out and we weren’t even finished with half of it!

Standing up and checking it out in the bathroom, I had noticed that more of it seemed to have gotten on my back more than anything. I ran my fingers through it and noticed that it came out instantly. I was super frustrated so I decided to try out the next one to see if it would last a bit longer.

All in all, I did enjoy the color of the chalk quite a bit. It’s definitely not long-lasting in the slightest way.


Jerome Russel B Wild Temporary Color Spray

Next, it was time for Kira to spray the fu*k out of my hair. Since this one was a bit more permanent and liquid, we decided to do it out on the fire escape and made a straightjacket out of an Urban Outfitters bag.

Kira began to spray the similar area where Avalon had just painted with chalk. She’s very meticulous and wanted to get every last strand. The color came out more Hot Pink than I wanted it to TBH.

All of the sudden, no spray came out.

“WHAT?!”, Kira exclaimed. We weren’t even close to getting my whole head.

I felt a little cheated because it had only gotten the bottom half of my head. Acting quickly, I ran my brush in the still-damp pink and worked it through the top of my head. The color followed from the spray and the remaining chalk and tinted my hair.

In conclusion, I got exactly what I paid for which was about $4 worth.

IMG_0141 IMG_0146 IMG_0149

Garnier Color Styler

I had actually tried out the spray the day before my flight to Florida. After I landed and took a shower, I had removed about 80% of the spray and the rest came off on our white satin pillowcases. (Sorry, B!)

Finally, it was time to get serious and go semi-permanent(ish).

The dye had said to apply it to dry hair and with your fingers. I had been so frustrated with the other two that I just wanted to take it to a salon and tell them to apply the whole damn thing. But for my little blog experiment, I could only do a section of it to test how long it stays in.

I used the disposable gloves and lathered it on my “under-hair”. It looked wet which made me happy because it looked like it was really sinking into my blonde locks. I used an old brush to keep combing it out so it wouldn’t get tangled. I used about a fourth of the bottle which is good because there was still a lot more left over (SO I COULD FINALLY BECOME A PASTEL-PINK-HAIRED-MERMAID).

When it air-dried, I was pleased with the color. I had wanted it a bit lighter but I realized that would’ve involved bleach so no way in hell. It stayed in for about 2-3 weeks for me but that’s because I wash my hair every 2 days. Don’t say I’m gross. That’s good for your hair.

IMG_0271 IMG_0329 IMG_0337

In the end of it all, I was most pleased with the Garnier Color Styler because of it’s long-lasting ability. If you are interested in testing out a new hair color, I definitely would suggest this brand as it comes in a couple different colors and is the least messy to apply.




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