Swedish Model Too Big for Modeling

If you didn’t hear this disturbing story about this beautiful Swedish model named Agnes yet, then prepare to be scared.

Agnes is a 19 year old model from Sweden who has been told she is just too big for the modeling industry! Not unfamiliar from what we often talk about.

I had to laugh at the timing of this article because Megan and I seriously JUST went shopping a few weeks ago when she pointed out,

“It’s kind of weird how were both still model sizes in clothes but, like, are too big.”

My heart hurts knowing that will come of this story isn’t necessarily going to be a realization that the standards so many women are willing to succumb to are wild, but as a publicity stunt for the agency that grabs Agnes at her massive Instagram following that was sure to follow the story.

Maybe that’s pessimistic of me, but having been there; seeing these things happen leaves us no choice but to be less than optimistic for the people following the story.

Modeling started to give people a real life look at how a product would influence your life. So when smoking was under the gun as bad for you, the marketing geniuses used models that were slim and beautiful and bright and happy and young looking to portray how you would look if you smoked too!

Aerie’s new goal is to show off that they have the perfect bra for EVERYONE and EVERY body type. Hence, no retouching and using women of all shapes and sizes.

Victoria’s Secret markets to the women who want to be sexy and feel good in their own skin, hence they are known for using the world’s sexiest and most beautiful women.

That’s where things start to get cloudy. Surely there are thousands of beautiful girls at the mall today. Should all of them be models? Not necessarily, the exclusiveness may be half of what makes you want to be the buy product. In the minds of the fashion industry, at least.

I, personally, always believed that models should be unique looking. Because each brand chooses their model as having a face people will recognize in one second that can be matched back to the brand. Whether you’re a size 8 and have that sweet little gap tooth and protruding cheekbones or you’re a size 00 and look like Doutzen.

Agencies seem to believe that measurements are all that matters. While fitting in the sample clothes is a huge part of modeling, shouldn’t there be more depth when you see a face like Agnes Hedengard?

It is a sad truth and one of the many things models experience in feeling dropped and disregarded like yesterday’s undies at the first tug on the measuring tape.

What are your thoughts?



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