5 Stages of Moving in with Your Boyfriend

As you all know, B and I recently moved in together. I ditched my Palm Beach studio apartment on Seminole Ave for a one bedroom on the marina in Boynton Beach.

This is going to sound super *douche-y* but it hasn’t been an easy transition. First of all, I don’t drive. Everything that I needed to get to in Palm Beach was within walking distance so it had never been a problem for me. Second, WHO THE FUCK LIVES IN BOYNTON BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW ANYONE HERE. It’s become difficult to see my friends because they’re all up in West Palm Beach or Palm Beach and I am a 25 minute drive south of there. Third, it’s Boynton and not Palm Beach. While I’m used to wearing heels and a chic dress to Buccan, I can’t do the same for our local bar which is filled with people in flip flops and t-shirts. Ick.

Aside from all of that, it’s been an amazing thing for us. Our relationship has only grown stronger and *sorry to be sappy* we are more in love than ever. It’s now been about a month and a half since I’ve been living here and I get asked a lot about what it’s really like. The only way I can simplify it for you would be to break it down into five stages:

The “Beginning/Awkward” Stage

So, this is the actual moving in process and first couple of days. For me, I was still turning on the faucet while I peed because I didn’t want him to hear and putting everything away quickly so he wouldn’t think I was a weird slob. You’re both testing out new waters and kind of tip-toeing around each other but pretending like everything is normal.

The “Sex Every Five Minutes” Stage

Oooh, it’s 8 AM and look who’s got morning wood! Shit, he’s going to kill me for writing that but every guy has that so deal with it, B. Anyways, this is a stage that we are still going through *hehe* and hopefully will never fall out of. It’s the most opportune scenario because you wake up next to each other every morning, shower together whenever you hear the water start running, and fall asleep at night in the same bed. There’s definitely a lot more nookie going around and it’s fantastic.

The “Am I Annoying You” Stage 

This is maybe a bit more applicable to us than others because we both basically work from home. I sit in bed and blog or have Skype conferences while he’s in the living room/office area doing paperwork and calling doctors. In this period, you go above and beyond to ensure you’re not suffocating them. Any little thing that’s said such as, “Hey babe, could you please grab the garbage on the way out”, can be misconstrued as, “You lazy little shit”. I’ve noticed that around this time Brandon and I were both encouraging each other to see our friends more and not feel guilty about having alone time. It’s mutual and coming from the kindness of your hearts.

The “No Boundaries” Stage

This is when you both have dropped the awkward stuff and realized, “this person loves me so yolo”. I had forgotten my toothbrush at our hotel in Miami and he suggested I just use his. I was a little taken aback at first because all I could hear in my head was “GINGIVITIS” (in the same voice as the “IRI-DOCY-CLITIS” kid) but then I was like, “oh, wait, we’ve had our mouths on every inch of each other’s bodies anyways so”. Recently, we have both entered a silent agreement that it’s OK to pee whilst the other is in the shower. Or in our case, while I’m peeing and Brandon is telling me a story.


The “Closer Than Ever” Stage

Finally, it’s the moment you fall asleep on their chest and you feel more at home than you have ever felt before. Brandon and I have a hard time not sleeping next to each other for one freaking night. My days (and mental well-being) have drastically improved just from waking up next to my love and sitting together for breakfast. We encourage each other every single moment and are on the same page about everything. The other day, while I was taking a nap and he was watching TV, I awoke from my phone beeping very close to my ear and reading “iMessage from B”. I groggily looked at him and then at the text and saw that he had sent me this photo:

  Like, alright, you bundle of sweet heavenly goodness. I adore you and will never love anything as much as I love you.



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