Nailed It: The Best DIY Fake Nails

I’m a rare breed of female: I hate hate hate getting my nails done. Most people find this to be a relaxing time in which a stranger, who is speaking in a language you do not understand, is filing and scratching at your cuticles. UGH! I’m cringing just thinking about it. It’s just weird.

Because Brandon is nonstop making fun of my chipped nail polish, I decided to get some falsies. I tested out three different products over the course of two months and here’s what happened:

KISS Full Cover Nails

This is the first nail kit that I decided to experiment with. It’s white color is both good and bad because it’s easy to paint over but you HAVE to paint over it (if you don’t have a steady hand then this is a struggle). In terms of price, this kit is probably the best bang for your buck because it comes with a nail file, heavy-duty nail glue, and 100 nails. The nails are very flimsy so it’s easy to fit each finger perfectly.

IMG_0314 IMG_0338

Broadway Nails Impress Press-On Manicure

These are fantastic! They are easy because you don’t have to paint over them or really file them down except in the beginning of applying them. Now, the imPRESS Nails don’t come with nail glue because of the adhesive that’s already on them. I’m kind of paranoid about my nails popping off so I decided to implement the Kiss Maximum Strength glue on top of the already sticky nails. The downfall with these is that they only last a week or so and bend a bit too easily. Also, they only come with 24 nails which means you can really only do 1.5 manicures with them (in case some fall off and you have to replace them).


Nailene So Natural Nude

By far, my favorite!!! These come out looking like a cool matte nude and they’re super thick. I’ve been wearing them since Tuesday and I haven’t had any of them fall off (And homegirl went to Miami this weekend so you know these are strong AF). Nailene comes with a cute little file, a teeny vile of nail glue, adhesive tabs, and a manicure stick. As you can see, I have become dependent on the Kiss Maximum Speed glue so I won’t touch anything else. Unfortunately, these do only come in a pack of 28 but, with how durable they are, I would say Nailene is the easiest and best fake nail kit out there.

In short, I highly recommend the Nailene So Natural Nude paired with the Kiss Maximum Speed Glue for a long-lasting, tough nail that looks natural.


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