Miami: “White Girl with Style”

Ugh, I’m exhausted.
I’m on my way home from Miami right now and I’m struggling to keep my eyes open. I went out until 4 AM last night! WTF
I mean, I guess it helped that I switched to water at 1 AM. 

Honestly, I think I had more fun being sober and dancing than I would’ve if I was drunk. I went out with a friend from LA who’s a sports agent so he had some of his clients with him. It probably looked hilarious when I walked behind these HUGE 6’9″ guys and danced with them in the club. They had their respected SO’s with them so I kind of felt like I was on an episode of W.A.Gs. 
Dude, do those girls fucking hate other girls. They all kept their eyes on me even after I explained my boyfriend was at home. I could feel their glares piercing my neck as I swayed back and forth to Fetty Wap. I also earned the nickname “white girl who has style”.
I’ll take it.
Yesterday, I headed down to Miami for a special video project I’m doing for a certain TV network. After hearing from a certain executive producer, I recruited Isabella Quintero and booked a room at Yves Hotel in Brickell. I’ve stayed there quite a bit and it’s become one of my favorites despite not having a pool.

We spent the day filming and stopping in at Joanna Paige who you’ve seen me gush about a billion times. Going to her boutique feels like Christmas morning: you never know what beautiful things you’re going to encounter. 

So, yes, I bought a beautiful pair of Jeffrey Campbell’s. But I feel like they are an essential to life. I basically had to get them.


I can’t wait to see the awesome video Isabella is putting together. I hope you guys like it too 😉

The White Girl with Style 

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