“Search Terms”

One of my favorite things about using WordPress would be the statistics page. It tells me how many viewers we have, where they’re from, and which post get the most likes. One of the greatest features on the stats page is the “Search Terms” section.
Search terms are from when people Google certain things and wind up on our website. Say if you were going to type in “Megan Kennedy” on Google, it will probably come up with a thing about me modeling, my LinkedIn, or the blog.
Here are some of our favorite search terms:

1. ” when my first love do sex in restaurant bed “

2.  ” Instagram + serious inquiries only”

3.  ” Marc Jacobs cocaine delivery”

4. “Little kid smokes cigarettes and horribly drunken vomit” 
5.  “I want to fuck models in Los Angeles”

6.  “I miss my boo he sex me so good and does Lil Wayne eat porch”

9 thoughts on ““Search Terms”

    1. It’s because they use search smart engines that protect your privacy (in other words they don’t use Google, Yahoo, Bing).
      For example they use duckduckgo.com which is a great search engine. Duckduckgo doesn’t profile you and save all your searches (like Google, Yahoo and Bing does).


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