TheRetiredModels 3.0?


You know what’s difficult? CREATING A FUCKING BUSINESS PLAN.

Abie and I are constantly drawing up new outlines but then something happens and we have to make a new one. I mean, I shouldn’t be complaining because that “something” is usually a good thing like our follower count going up 150% overnight. Which changes EVERYTHING.

Something keeps popping up which brings us back to square uno. It’s also making our post schedule a bit jumbled up. But here are some things that are happening:

-We have been approached to do some TV hosting.

-We are coming out with a t-shirt line.

-We’ve just hired Casey as our fitness blogger and another lovely lady as our beauty blogger. Abie and I want to eventually hire girls to do our About the Brands, Weekly Must-Haves, Interviews With…, etc. That way we can just focus on writing about our personal lives just as we had wanted to do in the beginning.

-We’re going to start traveling more!

-I will be moving eventually in late Winter-early Spring!! To either Boston or NYC. This is the one I’m quite excited about.

Also, keep sending submissions! You don’t have to be a “model” or a “retired model” to work with us. We are slowly turning into a lifestyle brand (as much as we didn’t want to LOL) and want to appeal to both sexes.

We want to hear your personal stories and experiences. We will always reply to you guys giving our honest critique about your story and where it could potentially fit in the blog.

And, P.S.: WE LUV U



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