Cancelled Flights, Clubbing Moms, and Being Home

This week has been…pretty insane.

First of all, my flight was cancelled on Tuesday. I pleaded with the JetBlue lady to get me on the next flight out but it was all booked up. Feeling myself crumble, I told her I would pay whatever and she responded by making up words.

I flipped.

“MARIA, I don’t think you understand. Even if you have to get me a flight to Atlanta and the layover is 10 hours, I will take it.”

She said there was nothing due to the drizzling outside. I picked up my Celine bag and rolled my carry-on into the bathroom. After having an emotionally/mentally exhausting week, I sat on top of the vanity and ugly cried. People passed by and stared but I didn’t give two shits about what they thought. They could get bent.

Brandon tried to reassure me but I was just done. I bawled my eyes out and my face puffed up. I continued to be a blubbering mess for about 25 minutes before I hopped off the counter and left JFK. I just wanted to go home and sleep next to the love of my life in our giant plush bed. Was that so much to ask for?

Was God finally getting back at me for having premarital sex?!

I returned to Abie’s and she cuddled me until I fell asleep.

I woke up 4 hours later and Kira was there. Thank God. It was nice to see a familiar face. We chatted on the fire escape and finished a pack of cigarettes. The most painful thing about leaving both Abie and Kira is the uncertainty of when I will see them again.

Nighttime came around and I decided I could do one of two things: go to bed and get a nice rest before my flight or I could go out and have a great last night with my friend Jason. Can you guess which one my unreasonable ass chose?

I hopped in an uber around 10 to go hang at Jason’s Union Square apartment. We had been romantic at one point last summer but decided we worked best as friends. His apartment is one of my favorites. It’s sleek and modern and perfect. I admired his collection of shot glasses and smiled when I saw the one I had brought back for him from Amsterdam. Jason’s one of those guys you can talk to anything about. He’s extremely business savvy so it was interesting to hear his take on TheRetiredModels.

“Remember when we were hanging out last year and stayed up talking on the couch until 4 AM? Remember what you told me?”

He shook his head.

“You told me I could do anything. You told me that I was smart and I just needed to find way to showcase my brilliance. I did that. I just wanted to thank you for believing in me”

He smiled.

“That’s what drew me to you. You are smart as hell and such a good girl. You just weren’t giving yourself enough credit”

I paused for a moment to digest that sentence. There is no better feeling than having someone believe in you and your talent.

With that, we downed the rest of our vodkas and headed to his friend’s swanky apartment. It’s funny because this is a beautiful Gramercy Park flat but there’s a wall that has many Sharpie markings from what I presume to be a drunken mistake. I wrote TRM’s website while J drew a penis. Boys.

We headed to Up&Down and went straight in. We scoped out the downstairs area before heading to the main area. It was a swarm of beautiful people that made me giggle. Oh, New York, I fucking love you.

All of the sudden, I heard my name called and was enveloped into a bear hug by a stranger. Pulling back, I saw my friend Nicole who I hadn’t seen in such a long time! She was apart of the Abie/Avalon/Mae/Me/Lucy/Ilze IMG-era in 2011.

“MEG! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’RE HERE!!! MOM! LOOK! IT’S MY FRIEND, MEGAN!” , She yelled over a loud Drake song.

IMG_0199 IMG_0200

Her mom, who was at the table with her, also gave me a big hug. It’s so funny because I have also brought my mom out to “da club”. It took me back to the memory of my adorable mom swaying back and forth in Tao and being offered drugs as we were leaving.

“You want white? You want mollies?”, an unidentified man asked my mom.

She stared at him quizzically before I interjected saying she doesn’t do drugs as I hailed us a cab.

Still “loling” to that.

I headed back to Abie’s at around 3 AM. My flight was at 6 AM so I would have to gather my things and head to the airport. Due to exhaustion and alcohol, I don’t remember going through TSA and getting on the plane.

I woke up to us landing in PBI. My heart quickened when I realized I was about to see the love of my life shortly. I was consumed by excitement as I ran to Ground Transportation and saw him. My B.

We kissed and he drove. I buried my nose into his neck and inhaled his delicious D&G signature cologne. It didn’t feel real that I was actually back in Florida. I had been couch-surfing for two whole weeks and I was finally going to be in my comfy bed surrounded by all of my beloved clothes.

I entered our beloved apartment and jumped on our bed. I opened my eyes to see my man standing at the door with a smile.

“I really missed you so much”

We made love and held each other. Laying in bed with my head on his chest, I was overwhelmed with happiness.

I’m home!


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