About the Brand: CAROLEE Jewelry

Hello all!

Megan: We were introduced to this brand through one of our other favorite bloggers, Alexa Curtis of A Life in the Fashion Lane, and instantly fell in love. I was first drawn to their Caspian Sea Collection from the unique blues, greens, and oranges. The jewels looked like something Aquamarine (the mermaid, duh) would’ve worn.

IMG_4646 IMG_5049 IMG_4647

Abie: I decided to work with Carolee’s freshwater pearls and recreate a Breakfast at Tiffany’s look featuring Avalon Snow.


This pearl choker is a timeless piece that adds elegance to the sexiness of her plunging tank.

I used Carolee’s silver choker to create a headpiece that added radiant beauty to her blonde locks.


Formality was a breeze, and there was no better place to take it than to hop in a cab and go straight to Tiffany’s.

A: Describe the ultimate “Carolee Girl”.

Carolee: The Carolee girl is feminine, accomplished, has a sense of style, is informed, chic, socially responsible, multi-generational and approachable.

M: I absolutely love your new Caspian Sean collection. Where else does Carolee draw inspiration from?

Carolee: The CAROLEE international design team includes Americans, Europeans and Asians, who bring a wealth of talent and a wide range of sensibilities to the design process. They draw inspiration from the worlds of fashion, the arts and popular culture to develop jewelry that suits the many different styles and tastes of women today. The design process is a collaborative effort which begins with samples that could include anything from an architectural detail to a music video. Designers consider the size and scale of each piece and what different styles are needed to round out a collection. It takes about four weeks to get the first samples made, and they are revised and fine-tuned before going into full production. The entire process from concept to manufacturing takes about four months.

A: What is the price range?

Carolee: The price range is around $30 to $300

M: Where can you purchase Carolee?

Carolee:Today the company sells to over 700 retailers, including  most major US department stores and their .coms and in more than 40 countries, as well as the company’s own website carolee.com.  Included in North America are Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, Belk, and Dillard’s in the US, and The Bay in Canada.  

A: What’s next for Carolee? 

Carolee: Carolee launches seasonal collections four times a year, in addition to maintaining a core line of best selling pieces.   Our fall collections begin to reach stores in September. 

Shop here.

Instagram: @caroleejewelry

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