Sleepy in the City That Never Sleeps

Whenever I come to NYC, people suggest I go to rehab.

The thing is: when I’m here for a short amount of time, I feel obligated to go out and see all of my friends. Usually, they drink. Like, a lot. So, yes, I do go a little crazy when I’m here for a week or two.

BUT when I live here, I’m usually a grandma and I only go out once or twice a week. I live for “events” and “shows” rather than “promoter parties”. Not that there is anything wrong with it but I feel like I’ve grown out of that. If I was living in a promoter apartment then yeah I would do it but I just don’t get anything out of going out with them so fuck it.

Anyways, I was supposed to be here for two weeks but Abie and I managed to get a lot of work done so I’m heading home on Tuesday. After being away from my bed for two weeks and being away from Brandon for a week, I just need to get back as soon as possible.

Honestly, from the stress of it all, I was talking to Abie about having a two week hiatus. Maybe “stress” is the wrong word. I’m overwhelmed by the success of the blog. We’ve had a lot of crazy meetings and we are actually killing it but it’s a little too much sometimes. We started this in march not expecting we would blow up so quickly. I am so behind on so many posts and I keep apologizing to clients because I really don’t have any time whatsoever. That’s why I’m really looking forward to hiring a beauty blogger. That’ll ease some stress.

In conclusion, I really just wanted to apologize for not being on point. There’s only so much adderall that I can take. When I’m home, you will be bombarded with posts!

I just need to get back to my bed, have sex with Brandon (fiending so hard rn), and blog on my new balcony. Also, I have to prepare for the meetings I have in NYC at the end of the month.

Ugh, just typing this made me tired.



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