Next Week: Meg-Hattan

Soooooo, I have so much to catch you guys up on with the blog and fashion news. Next week’s posts will entail:

– Jeffrey Campbell x Joanna Paige

– About the Brand: Carolee Jewelry

-An Interview With… A Model: Amanda Foster

– “Why I Will Never Take Kendall Jenner Seriously as a Model” by Megan Kennedy

– Will be catching up on all of my “Model of the Day” posts

– Lookbook of the Week!

– NYC Nightlife and Events since I will be there for two weeeeeeeks!

Yes, I will be in NYC on tomorrow until the 14th! I can’t freaking wait to be back in Meg-hattan. We have so many big things happening there such as Fashion Week prep, meetings with fashion journalism companies, and interviews of us and for TRM.

If you’re reading this and want to collab, definitely shoot me or Abie an email in our “Contact” section.



Megan Kennedy

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