Bah-Ston: Carpe The F*ck Out Of It

Hey guys,

~Again, I apologize for not blogging too much in the past couple days. ~

Currently, I’m in Boston with B and his friends. Since we arrived Wednesday night, I’ve been having the real “North End experience”: sandwiches from Bricco, celebrating the “Saint Feast”, and drinks at Ward 8.

The North End is funny. It’s like a scene out of Goodfellas. The older men all look like mobsters and I can’t help but have a morbid fascination about whether or not they’ve killed people. I have yet to see any girls who look even a little bit like me and a lot of the guys look like their named, “Anthony” or “Vito”. Which is fine because I feel unique and Italian boys aren’t horrible to stare at.

However, my favorite part about Boston is spending time with B and his best friends. These guys really love each other. They have tight knit bond with that “I got your back no matter what” thing that I’ve so desperately tried to find within my friends and family. Being with them is so effortless and fun. You’ve got BQ*, the quick-witted, funny one who always has something to say; S, the smart and good-natured one; and R, the sweet one that you just want to latch onto.


When I think of my friends and compare them to B’s friends, I see myself as BQ, Kira as S, and Abie as R with her adorable small-town Wisconsin ways. *Side note: Sometimes I just look at Abie and think, “Oh my god, can we cuddle”.* It makes me smile to think of the similarities between my friends and B’s. My babies.

Anyways, the best thing about B’s friends is how they each represent him. He is the good-natured, funny, sweet boy that I love. Thank you for bringing me here, B.


Megan Kennedy

* Also, I promised I would credit BQ for his term, “Carpe the fuck out of it”. Thanks for that, hombre.

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