Boston Day 1: Woken Up By A Fire

First things first, I’ve been meaning to apologize for being the worst blogger in the world. I haven’t even been on point with my “Model of the Day” posts. So, I do apologize and tomorrow will have, like, 30 new articles.

I would do it today but unfortunately, I woke up to the house ablaze.

B and I arrived in Boston last night at around 11:30 PM. His uncle picked us up and brought us to their beautiful Charlestown manse. We cracked open a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and sat outside while we caught up on everything that’s been going on lately. B has an amazing relationship with his Aunt and Uncle. I’ve met just about everyone in B’s family and I know some of them disagree with what I write on the blog so it’s caused a wee bit of tension. Not his Aunt and Uncle, though. Sometimes, I feel closer to them than I feel to my family.

Anyways, back to the story, B and I were quite tipsy when we arrived home considering we emptied JetBlue’s mini bottle selection. After the bottle of wine, I retired to bed and left the two men to their devices. B came up about an hour after I fell asleep. I dreamt of crazy things that I can’t necessarily recall but I remember hearing a beeping in my dream. I woke up and the beeping remained.

I heard popping from the third floor and shook B so he would wake up. I assumed someone had broken in and that was the alarm. After a good and strong nudge, B finally woke up and ran downstairs. I held my breathe thinking someone might’ve had a gun.


I was ass-naked and I grabbed the giant comforter to wrap around myself. I couldn’t see my Celine in the darkness so I decided to screw it and run. As soon as I walked out of our room, the burning smell engulfed me. I lifted the blanket to my nose and mouth and tried to run out as fast as I could. The second floor was completely black and my eyes began burning. By the time I reached the first floor, the coughing began. I ran out of the front door and almost tripped down the steps. I looked at the back of the house and the angry flames roared back at me.

B picked me up and walked my limp body to a stump so I would be away from the fire. I blacked out from the shock for what felt like a million years. It was like a movie. I lost my hearing and watched the firefighters extinguish the fire in slow motion. B, who was also in shock, grabbed my face and kissed me hard and thanked me for saving his life.

The rest was a blur. An hour or two had passed and I asked one of the firefighters if they could get my Celine for me because I needed my medication. To be honest, I just wanted my fucking five-grand bag. I took two klonopin and basically blacked out again. I woke up at B’s friends house and tried to come down from everything that happened.

 I realized today how important life is. If I hadn’t woke Brandon up, he would be dead. If I lost him… I don’t know what I would do. He’s the love of my life. I can’t live without him.

I have to go now but once again, please tune in tomorrow for a tsunami of posts about what’s been going on and how crazy our blogger lives have become in the past two weeks.


Megan Kennedy

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