About the Brand: Zotos 180Pro (Part 2)

Hello all!

I’m so sorry about the delay of this post! As I have been previously stressing to you all, it’s been a very busy week for me. Anyways, I have completed my Zotos 180Pro Experience!

In part one, I spoke about using the Intense Recovery Discovery Kit and how it did wonders on my blonde locks. The next step would involve implementing three products to obtain a flawless blowout look without getting an actual blowout.

The Products

1. Rapid Restorer Rinse-Out Balm


This product is used to repair, deep condition, and restore moisture to dry hair. If your hair is looking a little broken or ragged lately, this is a product that I would recommend you use ASAP.

I began by applying the balm to dry clean hair that I previously shampooed the prior night. A hair stylist once taught me this technique so that way you can ensure that the conditioner really coats all of your tendrils. A lot of girls make the mistake of applying conditioner to already sopping wet hair which will make the conditioner ineffective. ~Apply conditioner AFTER you wring out the excess water.~

So, as soon as my hair was engulfed in the balm, I waited a minute or two for the water to get warm. Letting it set in will only do more good for your hair. The shower rained on my head and my rough hair turned into raw silk. I felt like I haircare ad as I massaged my scalp and let my 180Pro do it’s magic.

When I stepped out of the shower, my hair still felt like it belonged to a Disney Princess. I combed through it and loved how easy it was. Even after towel-drying, no knots!

I let my hair air-dry on my balcony while I did some work on the blog. If I was going to use a straightener, there was no way that I was going to blow-dry my hair too. I try to stay away from blowdryers as often as I can. Using both just would’ve been a double-whammy.

2. Flawless Finisher Hairspray

Finally, my hair had dried. It still retained the silkiness but it became it’s normal wavy self again. I brushed through it and welcomed the poofyness that always inevitably follows. I turned on my straightener for the first time in months and watched it heat up.


Sectioning my hair into fours, I began with the hair underneath. I picked up a piece using my brush and applied my straightener. The waves had been smoothed into oblivion. I sprayed the piece with the Flawless Finisher Hairspray and combed it one more time before moving on. I repeated these steps for all four sections of my hair.

3. Frizz Resister Dry Shine Oil Micromist

Finally, I shook out my hair and sprayed the Frizz Resister onto my somewhat-stiff locks. The hairspray bottle isn’t joking when they say “Hold power: 4/5”.

Giving it one last finger-comb, I smiled at my reflection in the mirror.

IMG_0023 IMG_0024


Here’s a little Q&A I did with my beloved new favorite company:

M: What sets Zotos apart from other haircare products?

Zotos: At Zotos, we are passionate about providing consumers with the most innovative and high-performing products.   Our AGEbeautiful Anti-Aging Hair Color was 3+ years in the making with in-depth research as to how hair ages and how we could fight it.  Most recently we launched our 180PRO hair care line which repairs up to 2 years of hair abuse through a miraculous ingredient whose power was discovered right in our labs in Darien, CT. 

M: What are some of your favorite hair care/styling tips?

Zotos: For one, use a heat protectant product whenever you style with a heat tool – flat iron, curling iron and even a blow dryer. It’s so important to protect the hair. Also, use a deep conditioning masque 1x/week to bring condition and strength back to your hair.

M:Where can you purchase Zotos?

Zotos: The Zotos Professional brands ( 180PRO, AGEbeautiful hair color, Naturelle Biotera) can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply stores as well as other outlets.  Although AGEbeautiful is exclusive to Sally Beauty.

M: Can you tell us about any new products Zotos will be coming out with?

Zotos: 180PRO, Zotos Professional’s damage-reversing line, has announced a new way to help traumatized tresses do a 180° turnaround: the Smooth + Soft Recovery Collection, debuting in late summer.

The line is designed to give hair a healthy, frizz-free look and feel, with a silky-smooth, touchably soft, beautifully shiny finish. Each product features 180PRO’s signature Pro-Peptide Complex, which targets hair’s worst breaking points and actually improves its condition with each use, while helping to lock in strength and moisture.

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