The Freshman 15 is Real: Rachel Mastics


Woo-hoo college!!! Classes, partying, sleeping, and…eating. I am doing summer session, which is only two classes so it is pretty easy-going and laid back. Except this also means that once you’re done with your two classes there is not a lot to do. And so, what do most people end up doing in their free time other than “Netflix and chill” well I think that’s pretty obvious…they eat. You eat before class, during class, between classes (if you have time), after class x1000 and then repeat. I think after all that eating that’s what most people like to call, “the freshmen 15”. I never really realized how real the freshman 15 was until I started noticing how often I was eating. I mean I ate a lot back home, but still it is like an unlimited supply of food everywhere. All these restaurants are calling me to come inside and I mean obviously I am not going to be rude and say “no”.


There is a gym in my dorm and I try my hardest to go as often as I can. But it is not as easy as it seems. Although, the gym is on the floor beneath me after class and after walking around campus I am truly so tired that I can’t even attempt to workout. But when I do workout it is the best feeling. Because it makes me feel better about myself. I’ve read online that even putting on athletic clothes can make you feel better and just make you want to workout. Except for some girls, who just wear workout outfits around campus when they didn’t even workout.

The freshman 15 is a very real and horrible thing. I’m sure you’ve seen people leave thin and come home a little bigger. I don’t think anyone wants to gain 15 pounds intentionally unless it’s gaining muscle. Many people eat when their upset like after a break up, people eat because their mad, because their bored, because they miss home or because their just hungry. I swear if a model who is on a strict diet and trains everyday came to college she would most likely have A LOT of “cheat days”.

I thought I would write this to warn girls that the freshman 15 is real and isn’t something to joke about. We hope it’s not true and that it’ll never happen to us, but that’s not true at all unless you are really watching what you’re eating and workout everyday. So far, I am doing alright managing working out and eating although my dorm has been serving cupcakes a lot lately. We can’t all look like supermodels, but we’ll sure as hell try.

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