Sunday Thoughts: The Real Reason I Need All Women to be Sexually Liberated By Allie Adams

Allie and I became friends through a group of girls we both know in LA. We immediately clicked because of our dark humor and “who cares” attitude. I’m very strange when it comes to making new girlfriends. Meeting girls at the club or through other friends is different. If I don’t make a strong connection with you in five minutes, I know we aren’t going to be “real friends”.

Allie, however, impressed me within two minutes. She’s unlike any other girls I have ever met. Within two seconds of meeting her, she will engage you in a powerful conversation. Basically, I feel like if the Spice Girls were still around, Allie would definitely be their sixth member for her way of promoting “girl power”. She speaks about Feminism without turning into the Mighty Kraken.


Check out this fine article written by Miss Adams and you will fall in love with her just as I have:


How many of us intelligent and capable 21st century women enjoy sex? Almost all, of course. So how many of us are actually owning our sexuality? I don’t mean just acknowledging that it’s there. I mean exploring and being proud of your sexual lifestyle and choices. It’s not something we consciously think about, or don’t feel comfortable doing, but it is the most important thing you can do for your own pleasure and the future of gender equality. Heavy stuff, I know, but the more we as empowered goddesses embrace our female power, the more we can help to liberate the women who cannot yet for themselves.

What does owning your female sexuality even mean? It represents the ability to take pride in your role as a lover, and not hide behind the labels society has created for the unruly tigress. This mindset is about rising above that very judgement placed on the woman who dare enjoy sex for the sake of sex. Fundamentally, the root of the idea is control… over your body, mind, number of partners or any given situation. The ability to harness that control comes from knowing and honoring our truest self; it’s fuel to the fire and the fulfillment of your deepest intimate desires.

Most importantly, it means valuing yourself so highly that you feel worshipped, appreciated and respected in all sexual encounters by all partners. Because for as many of you out there that agree with me, there is an even greater number of women who have not and will not experience that type of love. They are raped, trafficked, beaten. Or cheated on, lied to, abandoned. Some women find themselves in toxic relationships they never thought they would end up in, like I did. We need to be their voice and it is our duty as empowered women to raise the bar for the sake of our future generations. By creating a culture of sexual freedom and expression, we are normalizing feminism and inspiring our sisters to rise up against oppression and stand strong in our identities.

This is about more than just orgasms (even though I truly hope you are having many and never fake them) It’s having the strength to ask for what we want and refuse what we don’t and not feeling guilty or ashamed for our choices. Together, we can show all women everywhere not to accept anything less.


Thank you so much, my lovely Allie!

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