About The Brand: Zotos 180Pro (Part 1)

The other day, my boyfriend was finger-combing through my hair as we laid on the bed watching a movie together.

“How did your hair get so soft?”

I grinned and replied with, “Zotos”

He looked at me like I was speaking in tongues and I explained to him that it was a new haircare product I was trying out.

“But did you even brush it?”


Again, I receive another look. I showed him my jubilee of Zotos 180Pro products and explained what each one was for. Brandon, who has thick hair like me, even put a little product in and noticed a difference in smoothness. I have fallen in love with 180Pro.

The Products

1. Intense Reconstruct Discovery Kit

First, I started out with the Intense Reconstruct Discovery Kit. I brushed through my knotted, salt-water hair so I could apply my new goodies to every single strand without a cinch. Since I live in SoFlo and it’s ridiculously hot right now, I decided to put the water temperature on cold. I lathered the yummy-smelling shampoo in my hair and massaged my scalp letting it really soak in.

Next, I applied the conditioner. I poured a heap of it on my palm and plopped it on the top of my head, using my fingers to run it down to the ends of my hair. My hair had been in the ocean all day so I decided to let it sit in for a couple moments while I shaved my legs and scrubbed my body. I used my detachable shower head to really cleanse my hair all while finger-combing through it. It already felt so silky and soft.

You know how you get high hopes of your conditioner *actually* working and keeping your hair that way but it usually doesn’t work out?

I towel-dried my hair and rain my fingers through every tendril and it shockingly still felt velvety. Since I am anti-blowdry, I decided to air-dry it and continue to use my hands to keep out any knots.

When it began to get into that “damp” phase, I applied the Miracle Repair Damage Eliminator. Just using a dime-sized amount, I worked it through my ends. I am a notorious split-end-picker so this project was motivation for me to stop.

By the time it had dried, I was already in bed. When I awoke, I was amazed by how luxurious my hair felt. I continued to run my fingers through it to see if I would hit any snags. Alas! NO KNOTS!

The only time my hair cooperates like this is if I get a really good blowout so 180Pro had me like: 


Stay tuned for part two where I try more of Zotos 180Pro as well as my awesome interview with them!

Special shoutout to Alexa Curtis for hooking me up with Zotos!


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