My Favorite Hollywood Bad Boy: Sean Stewart

If any of you guys watch E! then you may have heard of the new show, “The Stewart’s & Hamilton’s”. Last year, Sean told me that E! had approached the family around May-ish. I was so happy for him and knew it would be a hit because he’s wildly hilarious.

I met Sean in March 2014 when he began dating my roommate at the time. Immediately, I thought he was a dick and didn’t like him. I felt like he was brash and inappropriate. Then again, this was during my cocaine-fueled phase and I was a bitch to everyone.

Over the months, Sean and I became close. He helped me with my addiction and always listened to everything I said. I often would side with him when my roommate was fighting with him for no reason. He’s truly a good person with nothing but good intentions.

IMG_1257 IMG_0547

When I needed to get away from the apartment situation I was in this past fall, Sean was there for me and offered me his second bedroom. Those two weeks made us closer than ever as we talked about everything. So many people give him flack for his wild behavior but he actually has a lot of really great ideas.


This is someone who’s grown up very quickly and in the spotlight. Sean is literally a mix between his two parents: Rod Stewart and Alana Hamilton. He’s definitely retained some of his father’s rockstar attitude as well as his mother’s loveliness. The media tends to describe him as an out of control person but he’s actually sober. He’s killing the game with his new T-shirt line, Dirty Weekend.


I am so happy for him and I can’t wait until he visits me in Palm Beach! Be sure to tune into E! on July 26th to check out the hilarious new show. Also, you’ll meet Dean Geisltlinger, another friend of mine who’s funny man.

Dean Geistlinger
Dean Geistlinger

Wait, I just realized that I know too many people on E! Here’s looking at you, Ramezito (Check him out on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills).

IMG_8092 IMG_8831

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